Woman quits job to spend quality time with dying dog

woman quits job to look after dying dog
(Image credit: Instagram / @sashasbucketlist)

A loving owner has quit her job to spend the last days with her terminally ill dog.

Megan Marshall, 31, has been pet parent to Sasha, the Labrador Cross, for 15 years. But when Sasha was diagnosed with dementia and other serious health problems, Megan did the ultimate act of love. 

With the strain of running a dog walking business and managing Sasha’s deteriorating condition, she decided to close her business to spend quality time with her pooch. What’s more, she set up a bucket list of fun adventures to embark on to make Sasha’s final days special. 

These cute moments are documented on her Instagram page simply called ‘sashasbucketlist’. 

“Even though she’s always had her own health battles, one of which being a degenerative condition which affects her hind legs, Sasha has always been my rock through my own battles,” shares Megan.

“It’s me and Sasha against the world type of thing so I just felt that I wanted to give her back what she’s given to me whilst I had the chance.”

Sasha has already ticked off most of the items on her bucket list. So far, she’s met Santa, visited the zoo, beach, Blenheim Palace and even enjoyed a birthday party and sleepover with her pooch pals.

Another box ticked off the bucket list was when Sasha met doggy celebrity good boy Ollie, famous on TikTok. Remaining trips include a visit to Windsor Castle and a school visit to meet the children.

Despite the thought of losing her beloved pup, Megan takes comfort in spending this quality time with Sasha. “Knowing we’ve done these things certainly will help make the bad days seem a little easier.” 

Cynthia Lawrence

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