Meet Sirius Black, the world’s biggest tri-color American Bully

Sirius Black, the world's biggest tricolor American Bully
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Weighing in at an impressive 170 lbs and just 17 months old, Sirius Black is the world’s biggest tri-color American Bully and his owner Stacy Sloane couldn’t be happier with his boy.

Alongside Sirius Black, Sloane and his partner are also the proud pet parents to female American Bullies Maia and Godiva and it’s clear that Sloane couldn’t love his dogs more. 

“I’m with my dogs 24/7. I wake up with them, I go to sleep with them, they eat with us, they’re every part of our family and life,” he explains. But while all three dogs are adored, Sirius Black holds a special place in Sloane’s heart.

“I always knew he was going to be huge and I always thought he was going to become the biggest black tri. We’ve had a couple of people send us offers for $15-$25,000 - I wouldn’t sell him for $100,000 though.”

Because of his size, Sloane fields a lot of queries from the public about what kind of breed Sirius Black is, with many mistaking him for a Rottweiler, Cane Corso or Mastiff. But Sloane is quick to correct them, saying that his dog is a 100% purebred Bully.

And while he may be huge, Sirius Black already knows how to behave appropriately around others. “He’s got his basic training. I take him out in public and he acts perfect, he’ll sit right by my side. He knows not to mess with people.”

Sloane says that a lot of people are often scared when they see Sirius Black because of his size, but he says that he really is a gentle giant. “My daughters lay on him, they play with him, they walk him…he’s always cool, calm and collected everywhere we go.”

Being a marine corp veteran, Sloan is most excited about what’s coming next - training Sirius Black to be a service animal. “I have PTSD,” he explains “so I’m trying to train him to help me with those aspects - anxiety, not wanting to go around people - so that’s kind of where I’m basing him.”

Sloan’s other dog, Maia, is currently pregnant with Sirius Black’s pups and he believes he has a fair idea of how the litter is going to turn out. “Hopefully he’ll out-produce himself. I’m expecting some of the largest tri’s in the world,” he says with a smile. “Obviously they’re coming from the largest tri in the world so what else would you expect?”

Whether they grow up to be bigger than their dad remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure, Sirius Black couldn’t be more loved. “I couldn’t be more happy with the way Sirius is turning out. His structure, his temperament, the way he interacts with the kids and people he’s never met before - he’s just the perfect dog.”

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