World's tallest living cat confirmed as Fenir the Savannah

Fenir - the world’s tallest living cat 2022
(Image credit: Guinness World Records)

Michigan physician Will Powers is used to seeing feline records broken – after all, three of his cats have held entries in the Guinness World Records. But now he can add a fourth thanks to two-year-old Savannah, Fenir Antares Power, being named the world’s tallest living cat.

Measuring 18,83 inches (47,83cm), Fenir is said to be exceptionally tall for his breed, Savannah cats – a cross between a domestic cart and a serval – usually reach an average of 14 to 17 inches.

But Fenir’s grandfather was also tall. And Fenir may even become the tallest domestic cat of all time – a title that is held by his brother, Arcturus, who reached 19.05 inches (48.4cm) before dying in a fire in 2017.

Powers also had a silver Maine Coon who had the longest tail on a living domestic cat but also died in the fire. And he still has Altair – a cat with the longest tail today. It reaches 16.07 inches.

Fenir has certainly been turning heads. “Sometimes people see him and think he’s a small panther, a puma, or an ocelot,” Powers told Guinness World Records. 

Powers is also the president of a cat shelter and he is using Fenir’s fame to encourage people to adopt cats.

His patients have seen how loving Fenir is since he is often seen at Powers’ office, helping to bring calm to the waiting room. 

“This can actually scare people, and they back away from him in fear, but once I explain that he’s a therapy cat and very friendly, people are thrilled to walk up to him,” Powers told Guinness World Records.

Even so, Powers doesn’t want Fenir to get too big. He’s been limiting his diet to prevent obesity although he is still growing!

David Crookes

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