Do cats fart: Feline flatulence and how to treat it

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 “Do cats fart?” may not be the first thing you think of when you get a cat, but we can assure you it’s definitely true. 

Cats experience flatulence just like any other animal, or human for that matter. This could be down to many things like diet, illness, or a gassy tummy. It may help to opt for the best cat food you can get your hands on but more times than not, cat gas is just one of those things. 

It is important to note that if you notice your feline to have more gas than usual it is best to make an appointment with your vet to get your kitty checked over. Now let’s get into everything you need to be about cat farts and all the smelly details in between. 

Why do cats fart?

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 Flatulence is caused by gas building up in the system that eventually escapes from the body. Cat farts are usually caused by your cat swallowing too much air when they're eating (if your cat is a scarfer, you may notice this a lot) if this is the case, try using one of the best cat puzzle feeders to help your kitty slow down. 

Allergies to pollen, dust, and pests, such as ticks and fleas, can cause an upset stomach. Flea allergies are reportedly common amongst cats, so if you see your cat having diarrhea and vomiting, contact your vet. 

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If you have recently changed your cat's food or are noticing other signs of gastrointestinal upset, contact your vet. You may have to slowly transition them to a food that will be gentler on their stomach, like one of the cat foods for allergies.

Aside from farting, there may be other signs of cat gas, such as a bloated belly that your cat may not want to be touched at all. They may also be less playful because they're uncomfortable – being gassy isn't fun, after all. If there is any constipation present, you may notice some blood in the stool or a refusal to eat and drink. You may also want to check out our vet’s guide to blood in cat’s stool.

How often do cats fart?  

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Cats don't pass gas all that frequently – or at least it doesn't seem that way, since it's rarely audible or, um, smelly. But cats likely do fart as often as a healthy mammal would, we just aren't as aware of it as when, say, your English Bulldog lets one rip in the pet store. 

 Do cat farts smell?

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Cat farts don't usually smell, but if they do, it may be a sign of an underlying condition. A few reasons your cat’s fart may smell could be food allergies, worms or internal parasites, or inflammatory bowel disease to name a few.

As always, we recommend you contact your vet if you notice changes in your cat's eating habits, bathroom habits, and demeanor.

How to relieve gas in cats

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If you notice your cat is farting more than usual there are a few things you can do. One of the first things would be to check for fleas and ticks. Be sure there isn't a pest problem in your house, as allergies to the little critters can often cause gastrointestinal upset.

As we mentioned earlier, gas can be due to your kitty eating too fast or an allergy. You can try to offer smaller meals to your cat or try out a puzzle feeder. We would also recommend switching up their diet, although it is always best to work with your vet when doing this. You also want to make sure that your cat isn’t eating anything they shouldn’t be. You’ll want to steer clear of these foods that cats should never eat.

Lastly, many common illnesses in cats can cause an upset stomach. If you believe this is the underlying cause, be sure to get your cat checked over by a vet. 

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