Galahad the mastiff named UK dog of the year

Galahad the Mastiff playing in the garden
(Image credit: Dogs' Trust)

The dog of the year award is quite an accolade – after all, all dogs are brilliant, so how can you possibly separate them?

But having heard the story of Galahad the mastiff, we can rest assured that his victory has been well earned.

Having been adopted by the Dimmock family in June, Galahad initially hit headlines back in April when Dogs Trust Canterbury, UK, put out an appeal for potential owners. 

Weighing in at 100kg, he is the largest dog ever to have been rehomed by the Dogs Trust – and as we’ve seen, he displays a level of love that is directly proportional to his weight.

Happily, this was recognized when he scooped the award at the Daily Mirror's People's Pet Awards, held at the Grosvenor Hotel in London on Thursday December 9th.

Speaking at the awards, owner Colin said, "It feels quite surreal that he’s won this award, but he’s a really special dog and we’re thrilled. We’re so grateful to Dogs Trust for bringing him into our lives.

“Galahad is the fourth really big dog we’ve had and is the biggest of them all. Every one of them has been so lovable and loyal.”

It’s fair to say that Galahad has had a tough time so far, having been rehomed a number of times, with his needs being a big ask. Mastiffs can weigh the same as a baby elephant, the produce a lot of drool, and in the case of Galahad, he couldn’t live in the same household as cats or furry animals.

But he has been a big hit in the Dimmock household, regularly hogging the sofa for cuddles with the family. He has especially a hit with their 15-year-old son Matthew, although toys and soccer balls tend to have a much shorter lifespan since Galahad’s arrival.

Even so, it is clear that Galahad has enriched the family’s lives, and deserves the title of dog of the year.

Steve Wright

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