Highest jumping dogs: 10 hounds that can reach impressive heights

One of the highest jumping dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier jumping through the air to catch a ball
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The highest jumping dogs can reach impressive heights of close to 10 feet - that’s almost double the 5 foot 5 inch world record set by Brett Williams in 2019 in a standing vertical platform jump event and greater than the 8 foot high jump record held by Javier Sotomayor since 1993. 

It’s probably not all that surprising given how springy, agile and muscular our canine companions can be, but what perhaps will come as a shock is that it’s not just the biggest breeds that have the capacity to propel themselves into the air. 

While the short legs on some small dog breeds certainly prevent them from being able to jump the heights and lengths of many of their longer limbed brothers and sisters, there are a few petite pups on this list who can not only hold their own but actually leave some larger breeds in the dust. 

Below, we’ve rounded up the 10 highest jumping dogs, including the outstanding Australian Kelpie whose abilities to reach for the sky are nothing short of mind blowing, and the jaunty Jack Russell Terrier who can outjump the Australian Shepherd. 

1. Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie

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Known to be able to reach incredible heights of up to 9.6 feet, the lithe, active and untiring Australian Kelpie has extraordinary jumping abilities that are unmatched by any other breed.

Bred to work independently, this pup can herd with little to no guidance, making them a popular choice amongst farmers who are looking for a hard working dog to keep their livestock in line.

Extremely intelligent and eager with inexhaustible energy levels, the Australian Kelpie is extremely loyal and devoted to their life of duty and service. 

2. Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

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Confident, smart and hardworking, the Belgian Malinois is a strong dog with muscular legs that help propel them up to 8 feet into the air. Skilled at climbing walls and highly intelligent, they’re used in a range of different roles, including police work and search and rescue.

Forming strong bonds with their humans, the Belgian Malinois is very family-orientated, but they can be intense, and their abundance of smarts and bucket loads of energy means they require a lot of physical and mental exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

3. Border Collie

a border collie jumping over a log

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The Border Collie is one of the world’s most beloved working dogs and family companions, and it’s not hard to see why. Energetic, affectionate and smart, this remarkably bright workaholic will happily go all day long and then love nothing more than a good cuddle when the sun goes down. 

Skilled jumpers when it comes to both height and length, they can clear fences as high as 6 feet from a standing position and manage long jumps of around 4 feet. Muscular but nimble, the Border Collie is agile and athletic, and they love nothing more than having a job to perform. 

4. German Shepherd

German Shepherd standing on a log

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Confident and courageous, the German Shepherd is generally considered to be the finest all-purpose worker and it’s true - there’s not much this loyal and steady canine companion can’t do.

Their strong hind legs make jumping up to 6 feet into the air an absolute breeze and although they prefer a relaxed and easy trot, they can get some serious speed going when it’s called for.

With a willingness to put their life on the line for those they love, it’s little wonder that the German Shepherd is the police dog of choice. Forming strong bonds with their owner, they also make gentle family pets and steadfast guardians. 

5. Greyhound


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They may be renowned for their impressive speeds over short distances, but did you know that the Greyhound is also a great leaper? Able to reach heights of up to 5 feet, their aerodynamic skull combined with the shock absorbers on their feet means the Greyhound was born to move.

Gentle and noble, this champion sprinter makes for a loving family pet. Although they can reach speeds of up to 40 mph, the Greyhound doesn’t need much exercise at all and is actually quite the couch potato, making them the ideal companion for less active individuals. 

6. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier standing on the beach on a sunny day

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While the Jack Russell Terrier is a small breed, don’t be fooled by their short stature - this is one strong and springy little pup! Originally bred for fox hunting in England, they now make for delightfully inquisitive and lively family companions.

Upbeat, active and friendly, the jaunty Jack Russell Terrier can jump up to 5 feet - which, rather impressively, is five times their size. Eager, confident and rather tireless, this breed needs plenty of stimulation each day to keep them healthy.

7. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

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The Australian Shepherd has a reputation for being both smart and work-oriented with tireless energy levels that see them happiest when they’re being put to work on a farm or ranch. 

Rugged and agile movers of stock, the Australian Shepherd are highly intelligent and capable of running rings around novice owners. Able to jump up to 4 feet in the air, they love a good game of frisbee that enables them to show off their talents and are wonderful with children.

Brainy, tireless, and a breeze to train, the Australian Shepherd is ideally suited to anyone looking for a canine companion to join them in their active lifestyle. 

8. Vizsla

a Vizsla

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One of Hungary’s most prominent hunting dogs, the Vizsla is an athletic and energetic breed with a muscular build that enables them to jump up to 6 feet. Used in a variety of different dog sports, they have a reputation for being highly trainable and very affectionate.

Lively and full of beans when outdoors, Vizsla’s are well-mannered and gentle when indoors and love their family. They can, however, be very protective and utterly fearless, so early socialization with this breed is a must.

9. Weimaraner

a Weimaraner running through the grass

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Known as the Gray Ghost because of both their color and their sleek and swift movements, the Weimaraner is a friendly and obedient dog who loves exercise, making them beloved by both families and hunters alike.

Just like the Vizsla, they have a strong and muscular body that can propel them as high as 6 feet and their streamlined grace and balance makes them quite the sight to behold when they’re flying through the air. 

Brilliant with both kids and adults, these highly affectionate dogs love nothing more than being fully-fledged members of the family and will delight in accompanying you wherever you go.

10. Whippet

Whippet dog sitting outside

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You’d be forgiven for mistaking a Whippet for a Greyhound as the two look remarkably similar but where they differ is in size, with the Whippet being smaller than their bigger brother. 

And yet, in quite the plot twist, they can actually outjump them, with the Whippet being able to launch themselves an impressive 6 feet into the air versus the Greyhounds 5 feet. 

Playful, affectionate and calm, the sweet-faced Whippet is an amiable, dignified and gentle soul, but don’t let that fool you - they’re lightning quick and when an object catches their eye, they’re off like a rocket.

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