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Dog on dog cooling pad
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No one likes to see their dog suffering in the heat, especially as it can cause them to dehydrate or get heat stroke. A great solution to relieve your furry friend's discomfort is a dog cooling pad, which helps absorb their excess heat, and also gives relief from joint pain and other ailments. Below are our top picks for keeping your pet cool on hot days, whether you are at home or on the move.

Top pick

Dog on dog cooling pad

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TheGreenPetShop dog cooling mat

Any size dog can benefit from this no-hassle gel cooling pad

Available in a variety of sizes, this cool pad suits pretty much every variety of dog. The gel inside is activated by pressure, so it doesn’t require electricity, water, or refrigeration; it recharges once it is left alone for 20 minutes. This means your dog just has to lie on the mat for cooling relief that lasts for up to three hours. It also folds away easily for storage or travel and can be cleaned simply by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Best budget choice

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MICROCOSMOS Pet Chillz cooling mat

Treat your dog to a cool place to lie with this inexpensive cooling mat

This cooling mat is made of a breathable microfiber cotton material, which helps to reduce your dog’s skin temperature by 2 to 4 degrees when they lie on it. It comes in two sizes, is easily foldable for storage or travel, and is machine washable to help keep it neat and tidy. It also absorbs water, so it doesn’t get soaked if you have a drooly dog, and it has a waterproof base to ensure your car, carpet, or sofa doesn’t get wet when it’s in use.

Best for travel

Dog cooling pad

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Arf Pets pet dog self cooling mat

A great gel pad solution to cool hot dogs when you are on the move

This mat offers a durable long-lasting solution to keep your dog cool when you are out and about. It works using a gel cooling system that is activated by pressure, so you don’t need access to water, electricity, or a fridge, which is particularly handy if you are away from home. It works immediately and offers you a chilled-out dog for up to three hours. So, the mat is useful after a long run or to keep them cool in a hot car.

Best orthapedic cooling pad

Dog on dog cooling pad

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Sealy lux quad layer orthopedic dog bed with cooling gel

A gel cooling pad designed for older dogs that doubles as a very comfy bed

This stylish-looking cooling pad crossed with an orthopedic bed is not cheap, but it doubles as an extra-comfy memory foam bed so it’s still one we recommend. It evenly distributes your dog’s weight, so older joints aren’t put under pressure. Warm dogs are relieved by the cooling gel inside, and the waterproof liner helps deal with any little accidents. The cover is machine washable, but as it has a charcoal base to help absorb odors, you shouldn’t need to do that as often as with other bed/mats.

Best water-cooling pad

Dog on dog cooling pad

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K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III cooling dog bed

Use the cooling power of water to chill your canine pal

This water-filled cooling pad is designed to wick heat away from your dog and into the air. It absorbs your pooch’s heat by conduction then radiates it away from their body, offering them fast relief on hot days. With a tough nylon and vinyl exterior, this pad is designed to work indoors and out. Just fill it with water and let your furry friend be naturally cooled back to room temperature.

Best ice-cooling pad

Dog on dog cooling pad

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CoolDog reusable ice mat

Keep your dog ice cold (or warm as toast) with this multi-use mat

This mat is a sure-fire way to cool your dog down quickly because you take frozen water inserts and put them into a durable canvas cover. So, it's guaranteed to get your canine ice cold in no time. It takes an hour or two to freeze the water in the inserts, but if you get more than one, you can get a day’s worth of cooling very easily. The water inserts can also be heated in the microwave to give your pooch a warm place to lie on cold days.

How to choose the best dog cooling pad

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Most dogs have two or three layers of fur making up their coats, which is great for keeping them warm in cold weather, but it’s a different story when the days heat up. (Especially since the only method they have to get rid of that heat is by panting.) Cooling mats are a great way to let them cool down and prevent overheating and dehydration.

Our top pick, of the many out there, is a gel cooling pad from TheGreenPetShop. It offers a great combination of minimum hassle (no need for electricity, refrigeration, or water) and portability. And, speaking of portability, another great gel cooling pad to take with you when you’re out and about with your pooch is the Arf Pets pet dog self cooling mat.

If you plan to only use it around the home, water and ice can provide a great alternative cooling method. You should consider the K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III cooling dog bed and the CoolDog reusable ice mat, respectively. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to give your furry friend a place to lie that will offer a couple of degrees of heat relief, you should check out the MICROCOSMOS Pet Chillz cooling mat.


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