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Dog being groomed
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Grooming your dog can be an everyday bonding activity or a huge chore, depending on the temperament of your dog. But it's a job that needs to be done - grooming helps to keep your dog's coat healthy and can boost their circulation, too. Below are some recommendations for nervous dogs, dogs with unruly hair, and dogs who prefer to be groomed in the bath.

Top pick

Dog brush

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Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

A simple but effective way to keep on top of your dog’s shedding

This ergonomic, easy-to-clean brush is on a mission to remove loose hair and eliminate knots and trapped dirt. It works well on dogs of all sizes and with all hair types. With fine wire bristles to really get deep into your dog's coat, the brush also helps increase blood circulation and leaves your dog with a slick and shiny coat.

Best budget grooming tool

Dog grooming rake

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Pat Your Pet Dematting Rake

The perfect dematting comb for dogs of all shapes and sizes

This dematting rake is perfect for getting rid of your pet's mats and tangles. It features a nine-teeth side for tough knots, and a 17-teeth side for thinning and shedding – all with rounded teeth ends for comfort. It also has slightly sharpened blades to cut through the most stubborn knots. It's suitable for both large and smaller breeds, with medium and long coats.

Best nail tool

Dog nail grinder

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Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

Nail the dog grooming with this professional tool

This dog nail grinder combines advanced technology with a low vibration to provide a comfortable experience for your dog while you grind their nails down to a manageable length. And for you – an ergonomic, light-weight design to make things easier. It also features a two-speed switch and adjustable, low-to-high speed design, and a built-in battery that lasts two hours a pop.

Best electric clippers

Dog clippers

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oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

The perfect clippers for a close shave

With a built-in rechargeable battery and detachable blades, these charges are a worthy investment for hairy pets. With a sharp, safe blade that's easy to use and clean, these clippers make grooming time much less stressful. They're even designed to be quiet, to help your dog feel at ease.

Best bath time brush

Dog brush

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Bodhi Dog Bath Brush

A grooming tool specially for any dogs that love bath time

If you're looking to combine bathing and brushing, this Bodhi bath brush is the perfect addition to your dog's grooming routine. It has soft rubber tips to give both a gentle brush and a good shampoo lather for a deep clean. Can be used on dry and wet skin, in case your dog loves it so much they want a brush outside of bath time.

Best simple comb

Dog grooming comb

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Shiny pet dog comb

The perfect product to make grooming time quick and easy

The perfect, simple tool to remove your dog's tangles, and break up loose hair, dander and dirt. This grooming comb has rounded stainless steel teeth, with an ergonomic rubberised handle for easy use. It also massages your dog's coat to help boost circulation – and comes with a free e-book grooming guide.

How to choose the best dog grooming tools

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Dog grooming can be a big task – especially if your dog is nervous. That’s why we included the oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers and the Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder, which are both designed with the anxious dog in mind.

It’s also worth bearing in mind how dog grooming tools can be more than just removing tangles and dirt – some grooming tools can massage your dog for improved circulation, too – including the Bodhi Dog Bath Brush, which is sure to be your dog’s new best friend.


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