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Best laser toys for cats: Keep your cat active and entertained for hours

Laser toys for cats: Ginger cat chasing a laser dot on the floor
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Laser toys for cats have been a huge hit for owners and felines alike and they feature highly in our guide to the best cat toys overall. Not only do they offer hours of entertainment, but the best laser toys for cats will offer plenty of stimulation to stop your cat getting bored. Cats just love chasing after the moving red laser dot across the walls or floor space, which allows them to use their natural predatory instincts of chasing and catching prey. In fact, cats will have at least 8-10 ‘hunts’ a day, according to the experts.  What’s more, laser toys also get those idle cats moving, providing much-needed exercise as well as mental stimulation. For other toys that encourage physical activity take a look at our guides to the best interactive cat toys and the best automated cat toys.

For those who may be concerned about the safety of laser toys, they are designed to be incredibly safe for your feline’s eyes, as long as it’s not pointed directly into their faces. Even if your feline pal should look into the light for a split second during play, it shouldn’t be harmful at all.

Another great part of playtimes is the bonding it offers between loving owners and their feline pals. The best laser toys can provide plenty of interactive fun, and for those with multiple cats, there are laser toys designed for two or more cats for fun group play. Although, be mindful to clear enough space in the room for excitable cats, to prevent any accidents!   

With so many laser toys for cats on the market, it can be tricky to find the perfect toy for your fussy cat. The best laser cat toys come in many different designs, shapes and sizes, with various settings, so you can try several types to find one your cat will enjoy. We’ve picked some of the top fun laser cat toys to make playtimes more fun and keep your felines active.

PetsRadar's pick of the best laser toys for cats

best laser cat toys

(Image credit: Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy)

Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Best overall laser toy for cats

Brand: Friends Forever | Power source: 3 AA batteries | Weight: 68g | Warranty: 12-months

Concealed auto rotating laser pointer
3-speed setting
Automatic 15-minute timer
Randomized 360-degree patterns
Too lightweight and prone to tipping over

This may not look like a traditional cat toy, but this Friends Forever laser toy is one of the best on the market. It comes with several impressive features designed to keep your feline friend entertained for hours while providing exercise. 

Perhaps the most impressive is its auto rotating laser point that creates 360-degree patterns, and moves randomly across the walls and floor. Unlike other laser toys where the dot is limited to a small space, the spinning tower head projects the laser beam in a full circle, providing the feel of a large play area. 

This is a clever way to make playtimes more exciting, keeping your kittie always guessing. Another useful feature is it comes with three different settings. At the touch of a button located on the front, you can easily set it from slow, fast, and variable speeds to keep up with the pace of your playful cat.  The most convenient feature is the automatic timer that turns off after 15 minutes. This is sufficient time for your over-excited cat to rest and have a little cat nap!

Design wise, it looks attractive with a blue diamond shaped pointer at the top. And it can be placed on the floor, shelf, or table. The only downside is its small base makes it prone to tipping over when accidentally bumped. But this is a minor issue, and can be avoided by placing up high. However, if you do have major issues, Friends Forever has an excellent customer care policy, offering an exchange if you are not 100% satisfied with their products. 

The majority of owners rate this product high, saying their cats absolutely love playtimes and interacting with this toy. Cats enjoyed chasing the mysterious lights randomly bouncing off the walls, and owners praised it for giving their feline friends plenty of much-needed exercise.  

Costing around $24.99, this is reasonable for a quality laser toy. The Friends Forever Interactive Laser Cat Toy is a must-have for cats with bags of energy to unleash, and gives owners a break from hand-held lasers. 

best laser cat toys

(Image credit: PetSafe Automatic Laser Cat Tail Toy)

PetSafe Automatic Laser Cat Tail Toy

Best interactive toy

Brand: PetSafe | Power source: AA batteries | Weight: 522g | Warranty: 1-year

Automatic floor movement
10-minute timer
Four different laser patterns
Pocket-sized and versatile
Can move around too fast

PetSafe has been a reputable brand in the US, offering a quality range of pet lifestyle products since 1991. This hands-free, automatic laser cat tail toy has proven popular among cats and owners alike. 

The selling-point here is that it’s completely automatic and more interactive. Simply press the on button, place it on the floor, and watch it move around the floor independently. Felines will enjoy chasing the moving ‘mouse’, while its laser ‘tail’ follows behind it, creating a variety of fun play patterns.

The Laser Cat Tail’s automatic timer turns off after 10 minutes to prevent your cat from being over-excited, and to preserve battery life. With a simple set-up, the mouse-shaped design makes it discreet and attractive to your beloved cat. 

In contrast to hand-held lasers, where you hold down a button, the Laser Tail Toy is a more convenient method of independent play. Plus it’s a great way for owners to catch up on those household chores uninterrupted! The moving toy quickly grabs the attention of your cat, and the auto features are also fun for multi-cat households.

It’s no surprise that the Laser Cat Tail is rated highly, with pleased owners stating how much their cats loved chasing the ‘tail’.  It also works well on medium pile carpet as well as hardwood floors, and looks great in the dark. 

It’s also worth noting that the toy moves pretty fast, which may be too much for an over-excited cat. But with caution, this will guarantee plenty of exercise and fun! Also bear in mind when operating in a crowded space to avoid any potential accidents. Another minor issue is the loud whirring sound when in use, but this can be easily overlooked.

Overall, cats (and owners) enjoy the varied features and interactive nature of this toy. Perhaps the only improvement would be to have a USB option rather than going through batteries in the long-run. But for a reasonable price of $20, it’s well worth the money. 

best laser cat toys

(Image credit: FYNIGO)

FYNIGO Rechargeable Pet Cat Light Toy

Best budget buy

Brand: FYNIGO | Power source: USB rechargeable | Weight: 40g | Warranty: 2-year

USB rechargeable and charges under 2 hours
Ergonomic switch
4-in-1 different light modes (4 patterns and 1 dot)
Pocket-sized and versatile
Red light is too bright

There’s nothing more frustrating for your cat than when their laser toy runs out of battery life, and playtime stops. FYNIGO rechargeable chaser tool guarantees hours of fun, at a small cost. This handheld laser pointer is rechargeable, and fully charges from a USB port in just over an hour.

The design itself is small and sleek, making it handy enough to carry around. Its anti-drop clip enables you to easily clip into a pocket, ready to whip out when your cat is ready to play. 

The usual press button design is now a convenient slide button switch, which saves you from continuously holding down on the pointer. A key selling point is its 4-in-1 light modes and versatility. So when your feline pal is tired of chasing around the red dot, they can enjoy the choice of several shapes that includes a smiley, star, mouse and butterfly.

The laser toy is also equipped with a convenient flashlight, handy for searching for a hiding cat at night, while the UV mode can help identify those strange stains your cat has gifted you. Plus you can use it to detect counterfeit money, which is always a bonus!

Although the market has an abundance of similar laser toys, this model is particularly praised for its quality and durability. And priced from just $8, this offers incredible value for money. 

Owners have mentioned how happy their cats are during playtime, and the chasing keeps them active. Bear in mind, that the red light can be very bright in comparison to other models. So exercise caution with over-excited cats prone to bump into things. However, if your cat ever needs a break, the laser toy comes with a cute play mouse, which is always a bonus!

Overall, cats will love chasing the red dot around and various fun patterns bouncing off the walls. It’s a simple and compact laser toy to carry around the house, and will keep you and your cats occupied for hours!

best laser cat toys

(Image credit: FroliCat DART duo Automatic Rotating Laser Light)

FroliCat DART duo Automatic Rotating Laser Light

Best for multi-cat playtime

Brand: FroliCat | Power source: 3 AA batteries | Weight: 726g | Warranty: 2-year

Two rotating lasers
360-degree pattern movements
16 play combinations
Adjustable timer

If you have multiple cats who don’t fancy sharing, the FroliCat DART duo is the ultimate laser pointer toy! Specifically designed to put two lasers on the floor at once, this gives cats an equal chance of chasing the lasers.

Simply place the Dart Duo on the floor, turn it on, and let the games begin! This automatic rotating toy features two lasers on opposite sides that move in random circular patterns. Since each laser spins in a circle on opposite sides, pets aren't competing for the same laser, and can happily play together. 

The Dart Duo is equipped with an abundance of speed and timer settings to keep playtimes unpredictable and more exciting. It also guarantees much-needed exercise to keep your feline friends healthy. 

The design is simple, but it does come with a lot of safety warnings. Since the light comes out directly from the top, curious cats may go up to the toy and look directly into it. So just be aware in case your kittie get alarmed.

Cats and their pals love chasing and pouncing at the random laser movements. While owners love the flexibility the Dart Duo provides, like the convenient play and timer settings.  

A minor downside is it’s slightly noisy when switched on, which may rattle some kitties at first. However, the various play settings are a good distraction that will soon make them forget the noise level.

Considering its advanced features, it is reasonably priced around $26.54, and well worth the money. The Dart Duo is perfect for shared play, and the best toy to keep several cats happy for a good time period. It will keep them entertained for hours and it’s fun to watch too!

best laser cat toys

(Image credit: SereneLife Automatic Cat Laser Toy)

SereneLife Automatic Cat Laser Toy

Most versatile

Brand: SereneLife | Power source: 3 AA batteries | Weight: 385g | Warranty: 2-year

Rotating laser dot
Adjustable speed
Versatile design for any surface
Automatic timer
Laser not bright enough

If you’re looking for an interactive laser toy with style and substance, this smart cat toy is ideal. Designed to keep your feline pals entertained, it comes equipped with automatic pilot playtime that turns off after 30 minutes, offering plenty of exercise. 

An advanced feature is its adjustable circling speed. Simply tap the top button and cycle the pattern mode between slow circle, medium, and fast speed, or pause the rotation for more variation. The random movements create an unpredictable path for excitable cats to chase the laser, and engage their sensory stimulation.

With its unique, 12-sided die design, it is sturdy, attractive and can be placed on any surface. And with versatility being top priority, it can either be used as a handheld toy or flipped for the floor, table or window ledge. Simple to use with a one button operation, it’s also small enough for travel. 

What’s more impressive is the price. Considering its advanced features, it is reasonably priced from $27.99, which is great value for money. 

The only downside mentioned in reviews was that the light was too dim in naturally lit rooms, while others said the light was barely visible in a dark room. However, it might be worthwhile to look into the battery type, as alkaline batteries are typically advised.  

Nevertheless, this is a great toy to occupy energetic cats on the prowl, providing a more varied play. The rotating laser and handy different speeds match your cats play preferences, although it may be worthwhile to clear the area of any breakables!

Owners highly recommended this SereneLife model, saying their cats enjoy playtimes even more and love the chase. Plus it provides plenty of sensory stimulation, especially for kittens. 

best laser cat toys

(Image credit: PetDroid Boltz Hanging Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy)

PetDroid Boltz Hanging Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Best wall-mounted laser toy

Brand: PetDroid | Power source: 3 AAA batteries | Weight: 204g | Warranty: 1-year

Three different ways to hang on wall, door or windows
Automatic 10-minute timer
Light and versatile
No manual setting
Slightly noisy

If your cats are prone to knocking over their floor laser toys, this Boltz hanging toy is the ideal solution. Specifically designed to be wall-mounted and out of reach, it has more convenience over its competitors. Where traditional upright laser toys would be prone to tipping over, this ensures no interruptions during playtimes. 

With several hanging options, the Boltz laser toy can be fixed onto the wall with the screws provided, or attached by simply using the suction cup. The more popular option is the suction cup that works better on smooth, clean surfaces with a bit of water. The fact that it can be hung on walls, doors, windows, or even the ceiling is a huge bonus.

The random laser movement is bright and moves across the floor in a more varied pattern. Instead of just going back and forth on the same circle, it moves up and down and side to side. Some cats may lose the light in a smaller floor space, but the higher you place the toy, the bigger the casting area.

It comes with an automatic timer that turns off the laser after 10 minutes, which is always handy. And the toy is easily portable to hang anywhere, making it ideal for small floor spaces.

The majority of cats enjoyed playing with this toy, and pleased owners went as far as to say their cats were ‘obsessed’ by it. While owners praised the automatic timer, others would have preferred if the timer lasted longer for their active cats. Perhaps it could benefit from a manual setting option to leave the toy on until owners are ready to turn off. 

Another minor downside is it can be a little noisy. However, this isn’t too much of a distraction when your feline pals are occupied. Cats seem to love this hanging laser toy, and you won’t have to worry about anything getting broken! For an affordable $23, you can’t go wrong.

How to choose the best laser cat toy

In a market saturated with fun laser cat toys, it can often be a challenge to find a suitable one. But there are some useful features to consider when choosing for your playful cat. 

Firstly, laser toys come in either manual or automatic mode. Manual toys are usually handheld by an owner who is in control of the pointer. This is also a great way to engage and interact with your feline friend. But if you prefer a more hands-free approach, automatic laser toys are ideal for providing entertainment without being there. There are models with a handy automatic timer that will prevent your cats from becoming over-stimulated, or ones with a manual option if you want to take back control.  

The speed of the laser is important for determining if your cat is interested in interacting or not.  Some cats may get bored with a slow speed while fast speeds may be too much for others. Since every cat has different play preferences, it might be ideal to buy one with variable speeds so you can easily change the setting. 

Also, consider the location, as your laser toy requires somewhere where it can shine a light down onto the floor or chosen play area. Cats can become over-excited chasing the moving red dot, and can send your floor-based toys flying! So be mindful of any obstructions or fragile items. There are various wall-mounted or hanging laser toys ideal for smaller spaces, and the majority are designed to sit firmly on shelves or tables.

Design, features, and cost are also useful considerations. On average, an advanced laser toy can start from $20. But you can find simple laser wands for as little as $8, depending on your needs. You may need to trial out a few before finding the perfect laser toy. But your feline pal will enjoy hours of play in the meantime! 

If you need some more options for feline play time be sure to read our guide to the 10 best interactive cat toys.