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Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed isn’t just a cosmetic issue, it’s important for their well-being and health. It’s important to get your dog used to having their nails trimmed from an early age - let their claws grow too long and they can splinter and break, or even curl back into the paw pad, meaning an expensive trip to the vet. Unless your dog is very active, it’s unlikely your dog’s nails will be worn down enough to avoid trimming, so getting hold of some nail clippers that will make grooming your dog as comfortable as possible for both you and your best friend is a sensible investment.

There are a large variety of pet nail trimmers out there, from 'cigar-cutter' clippers, grinders, and the more traditional scissor-style kind, so here are our picks of the best to suit your dog and your budget.

Best all-rounder

Dog nail clippers

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GoPets Nail Clippers

Multi-purpose durable clippers ideal for multi-pet households

Whether your household includes large dogs, medium dogs, small dogs, cats, or even all four, these easy-to-use clippers can cope with anything. With blades made from high-quality stainless steel and with a nail guide to prevent you from cutting too close to the quick, these multi-purpose clippers make claw clipping on your own, with even the most nervous dogs, a breeze.

The non-slip handles offer a large amount of leverage making cutting even thick nails a one-clip process. 

Best traditional nail clippers

Dog nail clippers

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Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer

Sharp, strong, and safe nail clippers which offer a smooth even cut

These extra strong traditional nail clippers are designed to be durable and comfortable. Made from high-quality stainless-steel these offer long-lasting blades that give a sharp, clean cut. The rubber-coated handles provide a comfortable and non-slip grip. They also feature a safety stop to prevent you from trimming the dog’s nails too short by accident.

They are quite large, so may not be suitable for smaller dogs and puppies, but if you are looking for a durable, lightweight, super-sharp pair of dog nail clippers, these may well be for you.

Best nail grinder

Dog nail grinder

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Casfuy dog nail grinder

Avoid blades all together with this easy-to-use dog nail grinder

This cordless nail grinder lets you get a smooth even finish as compared to the square-cut offered by more traditional clippers. The interchangeable diamond-bit grinder on this 2-speed tool makes it painless to precisely trim your dog’s claws without discomforting your canine best friend. Charged by USB, you get two hours of grinding for each charge – plenty of time to deal with even the timidest of pets.

It’s worth bearing in mind that some dogs aren’t keen on the noise and vibration caused by a grinder, although many find it a gentler and safer nail-trimming technique that offers a welcome relief from the dreaded wince-inducing clipping noise produced by manual clippers. These clippers also deal with that by using a superior motor which reduces those sound and vibration issues. Grinders are also great for dealing with wriggle-some dogs, or those with black nails where more care may be needed to avoid the quick.

Best cigar-cutter clippers

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AIBORS Dog Nail Clippers

Clip faster with these sturdy 'cigar-cutter' nail clippers

Prefer to use cigar-cutter-type clippers – where the dog’s nail is placed through a hole in the tool and the blade lowers to slice the end of the nail (much like a cigar cutter) - over plier-action clippers? This is our best pick.

Offering a sharp blade to stop your pet’s claws from splintering and splitting as you clip, and non-slip ergonomic handles to make the process easy for you, these angled clippers should make nail trimming a picnic. These are a durable set of clippers that should last you for many years. Due to the aperture size, these are more suitable for dogs under 20 pounds (but are also suitable for cats if you are a multi-pet household).

Best light up clippers

Dog nail clippers

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Illuminated Pet Nail Clipper

Illuminate and magnify the quick of your dog’s nail to make light work of claw clipping

Precision claw clipping has never been easier than with these clippers which offer an LED light that highlights the bloodline to help you avoid cutting the quick in your dog’s nail and a 5x magnification lens to make it easier to see what you are doing. With a sharp, hardened titanium-steel guillotine blade allowing you to make quick clips, and a thick handle design to help easy compression, these clippers should make short work of the clipping routine. The lens hood also acts to catch the cut nails, ensuring you won’t be searching for those claw remnants in the carpet for days to come.

These aren’t so suitable for larger dogs, but if you are looking for a precise cut for the smaller doggies in your life, these illuminated nail clippers are for you.

Best large dog clippers

Dog nail clippers

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Dog Nail Clippers Large Breed

Powerful clippers designed to make short work of clipping colossal claws

Larger dogs need a meatier clipper – and although lightweight, these trimmers provide a precise cut on even the largest of nails with a minimum of pressure. The soft, long, ergonomically designed handles provide the leverage you need, especially handy if you are trying to handle a fractious large dog while claw clipping. The safety guard also ensures you only cut the nail and avoid the quick, especially useful when you are dealing with clippers with a surgical-grade stainless-steel blade.

If you are usually finding it a battle to deal with long thick dog nails, with these clippers you need battle no more.

How to choose which dog clippers are right for you

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It’s important to do your research when choosing dog nail clippers. They need to match the size of your dog: something too small or without enough leverage can mean more struggling to complete the task with your dog. The last thing you want is to add time and stress to a process that many dogs already find anxiety-inducing.

Safety is also an important factor: cut too close to the quick of the nail and you with hurt your pooch – something to avoid at all costs. The fear this can engender in your dog will also make grooming in the future an almost impossible task. A lot of clippers come with safety guards to prevent you from cutting too much - see the GoPets Nail Clippers or the Dog Nail Clippers Large Breed. These are a great addition and ensure you don’t have any painful or unhappy accidents. 

Think about your comfort too, you want the handles to be non-slip, easy to use and the blade to be sharp as possible to make claw-clipping as quick and simple as possible, especially if you are already struggling with a reluctant canine. Look for blades that are durable, so you don’t have the hassle of sharpening, or even worse, trying to trim nails with a blunt blade.

Different types of clippers can offer features that make it easier too – consider whether traditional plier-like trimmers (e.g. Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer), cigar-cutter types (e.g. AIBORS Dog Nail Clippers) or electric grinders (e.g. the Casfuy dog nail grinder) will most suit you and your dog – making the right choice now will save you a lot of hassle in the future.


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