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A pet sitter you only have to pay once? Now that’s what we call a bargain! For the one-time cost of the camera, you get 24/7 peace of mind 365 days of the year. Our picks include every kind of camera, from those that feature vet support to those that can dish out treats. With so many great options on the market, you’re bound to find the perfect camera to help you take care of your pet.

Top pick

Pet camera

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Furbo Pet Camera

Ask Alexa to toss your furkid a treat

Coveted by pet parents around the world, the Furbo pet camera blends stylish sophistication with top-of-the-line functionality to bring you a product that lets you monitor your pet from your phone when you’re away from home. The two-way audio system allows you to talk to your pussy or pooch and it’s compatible with Alexa who will happily toss your fur baby a treat whenever you ask. With a 1080p full HD camera and night vision, you can live stream video from the comfort of your office or car and spot your pet easily thanks to the 160-degree wide-angle lens and 4x zoom. It’s also a breeze to set up - simply plug into a power outlet using the USB cord, download the Furbo app, and connect to your home Wi-Fi.

Best budget buy

Pet camera

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TOOGE Pet Camera

An affordable camera with plenty of bells and whistles

The TOOGE pet camera is proof that you can have your cake and eat it too. With loads of features and a super-low price tag, this camera offers unbeatable value. With a dual-way talk system, outstanding day and night vision, plus a pan, tilt, and zoom function offering multiple views, this is one high-quality camera without the expensive price to match. There’s the option for video storage and the motion detection system offers great peace of mind, sending you an alert notification when movement is sensed in your home.

Best for social media

Pet camera

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HONGSA Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Snap and share pics of your pooch with this pet camera designed with social in mind

If you love posting photos of your pet animal's antics to social media, then this is the camera for you. Live pictures or videos taken through the app can be instantly shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so your friends can immediately join in on the fun. The product features a 720P high-definition camera with built-in speakers and microphones. It supports a two-way voice intercom with infrared night visioning technology that can reach distances of eight meters. Real-time video is recorded the minute motion is detected, making this the perfect security system that takes care of your home and your pet.

Best for multi-camera homes

Pet camera

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IMILLET Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Add multiple cameras and users onto one app

If you have more than one camera watching over your pet and your home, then this product from IMILLET will let you add them all onto one app and allow you to easily swap between them all so you can make sure your mutt or moggie isn’t getting up to too much mischief. Providing horizontal 350-degree and vertical 100-degree rotation, you can check out your rooms from every angle and the 4x zoom function will let you get a close-up look. Multiple users can access the same camera simultaneously from different devices and the two-way talking system means you can all say hi to your pets whenever you want to throughout the day. 

Best for peace of mind

Pet camera

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Petcube Pet Monitoring Camera

The first pet camera with vet support

Offering an outstanding 1080p HD video for a camera in its price range, the Petcube allows you to check in on your pet with a whopping 8x zoom and a 110-degree wide-angle view. And that’s just the beginning. One of the best features with this camera is the built-in live vet chat function that’s available on the app. Notice anything out of character with your pet’s behavior and can’t get home? No worries, you can consult a professional vet 24/7 who can offer advice and support. You can also connect up to six cameras on one account and can store up to 90 days of video history.

Best laser camera

Pet camera

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Laser fun and peace of mind in one package

If your furry friend loves to play then this camera with an interactive laser toy is a real winner. You can remote control the laser from your phone when you’re out and about, or turn it on and off manually when you’re at home. Keep track of your pet with the 360-degree pan-tilt system that allows you to sweep the room and record videos to store on your mobile device, SD card, or cloud storage to show family and friends. With infrared night vision, motion detection support, and a two-way voice intercom, this camera is easy to set up with access for up to four users.

How to choose the best pet camera

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Keeping track of your pet’s movements just got a whole lot easier thanks to the invention of the pet camera which offers great peace of mind when you can’t be with your furkid. Our gold star goes to the Furbo Pet Camera that’s Alexa-compatible so you can send your pet to sleep with soothing sounds or toss them a treat. The TOOGE Pet Camera offers plenty of bells and whistles for a budget buy with the option of video storage and great day and night vision.

And if you want the ultimate blend of functionality and affordability, the Petcube Pet Monitoring Camera is unbeatable with 24/7 access to professional vets who can offer advice and support if you notice anything unusual about your pet’s behavior. Finally, if you have a pet who loves to pounce and play then you won’t want to miss the VSTARCAM Pet Camera that comes with a super-fun interactive laser toy that you can control automatically or manually from wherever you are.


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