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Best rabbit toys: Avoid having a bored bunny

best rabbit toys
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It's important to invest in the best rabbit toys to ensure your floppy-eared friend is sufficiently stimulated both mentally and physically. Bored bunnies will inevitably become destructive and even depressed so you need to keep their mind and body ticking over by allowing them to interact and explore.

If you've ever watched a bunny roaming free in the wild, then you'll see that they run, hop, burrow and nibble almost constantly. Your task will be to tap into such natural instincts by buying toys that replicate such everyday tasks in some way, perhaps giving them tunnels to dart through or balls that dispense treats.

It's also crucial to consider how highly social bunnies are. They live in family groups in the wild and crave companionship. Often a simple mirror will help but if you can find toys that you can use to play with your rabbit, then that would go a long way towards keeping them mentally healthy. Likewise, there is no harm in buying toys with a secondary purpose. There are chew toys that aid dental care, for instance.

With our guide, you will have the pick of the best rabbit toys but also bear in mind that you need to give a rabbit plenty of space, especially if you decide to take the plunge and buy a few products. You don't want to cram the hutch, after all. Why not consider buying one of the best rabbit runs and attach it to their home? You'll give them more space to move around and enable them to play with more toys, too.

Finally, the good news is that most toys are relatively inexpensive. This is handy because you will need to mix things up a bit: bunnies will get bored if they're playing with the same toys day in, day out for weeks on end, so regular replacements will be needed. Here is plenty of inspiration to get you started.

PetsRadar's pick of the best rabbit toys

  • Best overall rabbit toy: Kaytee Apple Orchard Sticks
  • Best budget rabbit toy: Woodlands Large Bull Rush Ball
  • Best rabbit toy tunnel: Rosewood Small Animal Activity Toy Rabbit Tube
  • Best decorative rabbit toy: Pets At Home Gnaw Fir Cone and Carrot Garland
  • Best rabbit toy for sleepy bunnies: Rabbit Wigwam
  • Best rabbit toy for exercise: Cool Club Wooden Watermelon Bridge
  • Best rabbit toy for enrichment: Tokihut Rabbit Foraging Mat
  • Best rabbit toy puzzle: Meric Rabbit IQ Treat Ball
  • Best rabbit toy for dental health: Natural Timothy Hay Sticks

Best rabbit toys: Kaytee Apple Orchard sticks

(Image credit: Kaytee)

Kaytee Apple Orchard Sticks

Best overall rabbit toy

Type of toy: Edible treat | Made from: Sustainable trees | Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.4 x 1.9cm

Made from sustainable trees
Good for rabbit’s teeth
They won’t last around hungry pets
Your bunny may not like the taste

We’ve chosen the Kaytee Apple Orchard Sticks as the best rabbit toy overall, which is sure to go down a treat with your pets. These chew sticks are made from apple wood and they’re perfect for your rabbits to chew on when bored or hungry. The sticks are made from all-natural ingredients and the sticks are hard, which is not only safe for your pet but they also help your rabbit maintain healthy teeth by cleaning and trimming them down.

These apple wood sticks come in a pack of ten, so they should last a while, depending on how many rabbits you have and how quickly they can gnaw through them. Of course, not all pets are guaranteed to like this flavor, but 84% of customers who bought these said their furry friends loved them.

Chewing is a natural habit for rabbits, and these sticks are ideal to prevent them from gnawing other things, such as their hutches, or things that could cause damage or be toxic to their bodies. In addition, these treats are made from sustainable trees, and they’re super cheap too, so that makes them a guilt-free treat for both you and your pets.

Best rabbit toys: Woodlands Large Bull Rush Ball

(Image credit: Pets At Home)

Woodlands Large Bull Rush Ball

Best budget rabbit toy

Type of toy: Ball | Made from: Straw | Dimensions: 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7cm

Small and light
Safe to chew
Not a treat
May get destroyed quickly

This ball made from straw is great for keeping your little bunnies occupied either out in the garden or inside. Not only does it provide your rabbits with the exercise they need and the ability to play and have fun, but it’s also safe for chewing on and good for their teeth.

While this ball is not an edible treat, it can easily be stuffed with treats to make it extra fun to play with and chew. Bunnies like hay, so this can also be stuffed inside the ball and made into a game for your rabbit to find the treats inside. We recommend keeping it in sight though and not leaving it with your pets overnight – if they mark their territory it can get gross pretty quickly, and that’s not something you want rolling around your house.

Depending on how much your rabbit loves this ball, then you may find they get through it quickly. Some buyers of this product say they purchase one a month, but at this price, it’s a bargain. Pets At Home currently have this rabbit toy on a three-for-two offer, so you get even more for your money.

Best rabbit toys: Rosewood Small Animal Activity Toy Rabbit Tube

(Image credit: Amazon)

Rosewood Small Animal Activity Toy Rabbit Tube

Best tunnel rabbit toy

Type of toy: Tube | Made from: Vegetable parchment | Dimensions: 30cm x 21cm dia

Thick and sturdy
Big enough for rabbits to fit through
Safe to chew
Essentially a large toilet roll
Rabbits may destroy it

This basic tube may seem like an overpriced toilet roll, but to your bunny, it’s so much more than that. This sturdy tube is made from durable materials and can withstand even the most mischievous bunnies trying to gnaw through it. 

The tube can be used as a tunnel for your rabbits to play and explore, or they may simply wish to use it as a place of shelter from the sun when out in the garden. It’s big enough for rabbits to lay in or crawl through, and you can even buy multiple tubes to make one big bunny assault course.

This product is far better than a plastic tube, which could be chewed into small pieces and swallowed. The cardboard is safe for rabbits, made from 100% vegetable parchment, so they can chew on it without ripping it to pieces. The tubes also come in different sizes so you can buy a variety depending on the size of your rabbits.

You’ll be surprised at the hours of fun your rabbit will have playing, hiding and sleeping in this colorful tube. The price is affordable and the tubes can be recycled afterward, so they’re a sustainable option for your household too.

Best rabbit toys: Pets at Home Gnaw Fir Cone and Carrot Garland

(Image credit: Pets At Home)

Pets At Home Gnaw Fir Cone and Carrot Garland

Best decorative rabbit toy

Type of toy: Chew toy | Made from: Natural wood | Dimensions: 72 x 5 x 5cm

Looks pretty
Easy to break
Natural wood can splinter

This natural wood garland with fir cones and carrots is a cute way to make your rabbit feel at home. This can be hung up in their hutch or in your home, not just as a decorative toy but something for your rabbits to nibble on. The garland has different sized items on its string, making it perfect for all sized pets. 

Gnawing is part of your pet’s natural behavior, and even though you may think this garland is too pretty to chew, it's specifically designed with textures that are appealing to rabbits. Chewing these items isn’t just fun for them, it will also keep their teeth healthy and strong.

However, it is advised to keep an eye on the wear and tear to this garland, as natural wood can splinter over time, which could cause damage if not thrown away when it has had its day. You may find this rabbit toy ends up on the floor quickly after hanging it up, but if your pet is enjoying running around with it too, then that’s a bonus. 

Best rabbit toys: Rabbit Wigwam

(Image credit: Amazon)

Rabbit Wigwam

Best rabbit toy for sleepy bunnies

Type of toy: Shelter | Made from: Nylon | Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 35cm

Outdoor or indoor use
Snuggly fur inside
Includes pegs
Nylon could get ripped
Not waterproof

This rabbit wigwam is the best rabbit toy for outdoors on a sunny day. The tent, made from Nylon, includes rustling foil that rabbits will love to play with and that gives them some shade when out in the heat. It comes with tent pegs so you can pitch this rabbit wigwam in the garden or you can set it up indoors on a rainy day for some entertainment for your bunnies.

The inside features a snuggly fur lining, which makes it a super cozy place for your pets to take a nap or relax. The outer is made from Nylon, however, which could get ripped if you have mischievous bunnies, so be sure to keep an eye on the wire in case any holes appear. 

This little tent is also not totally waterproof, so make sure you don’t leave it outdoors overnight or use it as a permanent place for your rabbits to sleep, as if they pee in it, it will seep through onto the floor.

Overall, this is a stylish little house that gives your rabbits an extra bit of freedom to relax outside of their hutch.

Best rabbit toys: Cool Club Wooden Watermelon Bridge

(Image credit: Pets At Home)

Cool Club Wooden Watermelon Bridge

Best rabbit toy for exercise

Type of toy: Outdoor accessory | Made from: Wood | Dimensions: 7 x 7.5 x 15cm

Outdoor or indoor
All natural materials
Cute design
May be too small for larger rabbits

This cute watermelon bridge can transform your rabbit run into your pet’s very own Club Tropicana. Simple yet fun, this design can add an extra bit of entertainment to your rabbit’s daily exercise and brighten up their living space. The wooden bridge is made from all-natural materials, making it pet safe. If they do want to gnaw away at it then that’s fine!

Place it into their run with other toys, such as the toy rabbit tube, to create a little assault course in the garden. This rabbit toy can also be used indoors inside a playpen or hutch to give your rabbit a bit of variety during playtime.

The bridge may be too small for some larger bunnies, and you must be sure to always check for wear and tear so your bunny doesn’t harm itself, but overall, whether it’s chilling or chewing, this is one of the best rabbit toys to add to their collection.

Best rabbit toys: Tokihut Rabbit Foraging Mat

(Image credit: Amazon)

Tokihut Rabbit Foraging Mat

Best rabbit toy for enrichment

Type of toy: Foraging mat | Made from: Not stated | Dimensions: 25 x 25 inches

Machine washable
Encourages natural foraging skills
Well made
Not suitable for more than two rabbits

So yes, you could just put your bunny’s food in a bowl, but where’s the fun in that? With this fantastic foraging mat from Tokihut you can turn mealtimes into a game, providing your floppy-eared friend with plenty of mental enrichment while they eat.

Sized at a generous 25 x 25 inches, this delightfully decorated mat provides plenty of space to hide pellets and treats and will put your pet’s nose and brain to work, mimicking how they would hunt for food in nature. Encouraging natural foraging skills while piquing your rabbit’s intellectual curiosity, this mat will keep them entertained while they search for their food.

If you have a fast eater on your hands, a foraging mat is a great way to help slow them down, and it’s an excellent boredom buster too. The mat folds away easily for easy storage after use and it’s machine washable on a gentle cycle, making clean up a breeze. 

Best rabbit toys: Meric Rabbit IQ Treat Ball

(Image credit: Amazon)

Meric Rabbit IQ Treat Ball

Best rabbit toy puzzle

Type of toy: Food dispenser | Made from: Plastic | Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 4 inches

Promotes slow eating
Mentally stimulating
Super clever bunnies may figure out how to open it

You’ve probably seen interactive food dispensing toys for dogs and cats but you might not have spotted that they’ve started making them for bunnies too. This one from Meric is one of the best we’ve seen, designed to minimize boredom and maximize logical skills.

Your floppy-eared friend will need to work for his food, but this treat ball is so fun he probably won’t even notice. The transparent part of the ball lets your bunny see through to the treats inside, keeping him motivated, and the slow-feeding inner structure makes sure he can’t gobble through too much food all at once.

IQ treat balls are a fantastic choice if you’re wanting to improve your bunny’s eye-paw coordination as he’ll have to figure out how to roll it to get the ball to release the treats. Weighing in at 11 ounces and with a four-inch diameter and five-inch height, it’s perfect for bunny paws and will happily hold diced vegetables, fruits, and other snacks.

Improving both mental and physical health as well as being entertaining, the Meric Rabbit IQ Treat Ball is the must-have toy for 2021.

Best rabbit toys: Natural Timothy Hay Sticks

(Image credit: Amazon)

Natural Timothy Hay Sticks

Best rabbit toy for dental health

Type of toy: Dental chew sticks | Made from: Timothy Grass, Fruit Tree Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa | Dimensions: 4.7 inches long

Full of nutrition
Aids digestion
Great for teeth
Some bunnies may not like the taste

Amazing value for money, this pack of high-quality chew sticks are the perfect way to keep your bunnies chompers in tip-top condition. Made from natural timothy hay with alfalfa, barley grass, and fruit tree grass, the sticks are full of fiber and will help your rabbit to wear their teeth down.

The high fiber content means these sticks are brilliant for your bunnies digestion, helping their gastrointestinal system to function smoothly and they're full of protein and minerals too. 

Each pack contains 20 chew sticks measuring 4.7-inches in length and 0.59-inches in diameter, so if you're looking for a way to keep your bunny occupied while at the same time making sure their teeth and gums stay healthy, these sticks are a fantastic choice that won't break the budget.

How to choose the best rabbit toys

Remember, every rabbit is unique and has different wants and needs. You know your pet better than anyone, so consider their behavior before choosing the best rabbit toys for them.

Chew toys are good for all rabbits as one of their most natural behaviors is gnawing. Chewing on things (as long as they are good things), can help them keep their teeth healthy and wear them down so they don’t grow too large. 

Make sure you always check that the rabbit toy you want does not contain any toxic materials that could be harmful if your rabbit were to chew on them. There are lots of different chew treats and toys available, and it’s not guaranteed that your rabbit will like everything, so it’s a case of trial and error.

Rabbits need lots of exercise, so toys that can make their daily venture outside a bit more interesting are always a plus. Accessories like tubes, tunnels, steps and bridges are great little additions to rabbit runs and hutches.

And finally, you may wish to consider comfort. If your rabbit is more of a sedentary pet and enjoys lounging around, hiding and burrowing, then something like the pop-up tents and pens are a great comfort for them.

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