Watch: This video of Doberman working out will motivate you to hit the gym

Doberman exercising at home
(Image credit: @Gabriele_Corno/Twitter)

A Doberman has become an Internet sensation after a video showing him working out at home went viral, quickly racking up more than five million views.

In the 50 second clip, which was posted to Twitter on August 23rd, the dog can be seen standing in front of his TV diligently following along to a home workout session featuring an instructor and another Doberman.  

The short video shows the pup copying a variety of moves to perfection, including squats, push ups, and sit ups, all the while remaining transfixed on the screen to ensure he’s executing each move correctly.

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Over a thousand people have commented on the video, with one user writing “Wow this just put the biggest smile on my face. I mean I have never seen anything like this. Amazing,” and another adding “I am impressed with his awesome dog. So smart.”

Doberman fans in particular have been keen to show this motivated pup some love, with one fan tweeting, “I absolutely adore Dobies. I was lucky enough to adopt a beautiful girl from a dog's home and we had her for 10 wonderful years. Seeing this Dobie behave like this is no surprise, they're amazing dogs, super intelligent, fun and very quick to learn.”

Netizens were also quick to share hilarious photos of their own dogs, all of whom looked tired (and more than a little skeptical) at the very thought of having to replicate the workout. 

One thing’s for sure, viewing this adorable video will definitely give you a big dose of encouragement if you’re looking to improve your own fitness. After all, if a Doberman can, you can!

Kathryn Williams
Freelance writer

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