Adorably lazy dog refuses to walk with owner in hilarious clip

dog refuses to walk
(Image credit: @susie.carter_art / WooGlobe)

Most dogs love going out for their regular walkies, but this pooch seemed to have found it all a bit too much! 

This heartwarming clip shared on YouTube shows a dog laying down in the middle of the road during a walk with his owner. What’s even more hilarious is when you hear his owners trying their best to motivate him to get up and go home but he doesn’t move an inch. 

The star of the show is Basil, the Dachshund pup, and according to his owner, Lucinda Swayne, this lazy behavior isn’t anything new. "Basil can be very stubborn at times and here is an example," she admits, “Sometimes, he gets up on his own; at other times, we have to carry him."

It seems like Basil would much rather be lounging on a lovely luxury dog bed rather than going for a walk and getting fresh air! And who could blame him?

If you have a stubborn pup like Basil, it might be worthwhile looking at ways to train your puppy to walk on a leash. While it can feel tempting to drag your dog if they're feeling uncooperative, remember this can cause strain to the neck and even lead to the development of negative associations with being pulled.

Patience is key: allow your pup to get used to wearing a collar or harness in the first instance; start off by popping it on them for short periods of time whilst in the house before training them in quiet areas outside the home.

Cynthia Lawrence

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