Matted dog abandoned in a crate finds new ‘leash’ of life after charity’s amazing makeover

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A lucky rescue pooch has found their forever home after being given a makeover of a lifetime by an animal shelter based in Arizona.

The Arizona Humane Society (AHS) found 5-year-old Shih Tzu Theodora inside a crate with severely matted fur, overgrown nails and dental issues before transforming her into a stylish Instagram star.

AHS treated the pup to a full spa day experience which included a luxury bubble bath, pedicure and new haircut for her very own photoshoot reveal. The final look was finished off with a colorful sweater to keep her warm following her shorter cut.

Theodora also received dental work and treatment for a stomach ache from the charity’s Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital which provides medical and surgical attention to more than 12,000 homeless animals each year.

 The pet charity shared the post via their Instagram account to raise awareness of pet abandonment and offer support to owners who may be struggling with the demands of pet care. 

“Theodora’s start at AHS was a sad one, and is an important reminder that no pet owner should ever have to resort to abandoning their pet,” the charity wrote.

“Any pet owner in need of help with their pets is encouraged to reach out to AHS’ Pet Resource Center (PRC), a group of dedicated individuals who provide resources and support to Valley pet owners. Last year, the PRC team fielded more than 81,000 calls and helped keep almost 6,000 pets out of the shelter and in their homes.”

To find out how to adopt an animal like Theodora from the Arizona Humane Society, visit the charity’s official website.

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