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Best Cyber Monday Deals Petco: Don’t miss these fantastic bargains

Cyber Monday Deals Petco, Dog in black gift bag and ginger kitten in gold gift bag
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Check out these Cyber Monday Deals Petco has to offer.

Shopping for the family usually extends to our furry, feathery and scaly best friends, too! 

The pet retailer Petco is offering savings this week, like 34% off certain cat trees and 23% off animal DNA kits. PetsRadar has compiled a list of a few products that have caught our eye, but check out Petco's full website for deals on toys, grooming supplies, aquarium tanks, tunnels and beds. 

PetsRadar has also compiled a list of other deals across major pet supply retailers, if you want to hunt for even more options. 

Looking for Cyber Monday Deals? Petco is offering big savings

Embark Vet Dog DNA Breed Identification Kit

RRP: $129.99 | Now: $99.99 | Save: $30.00 (opens in new tab)

Learn about your dog's ancestors through this DNA kit from Embark, who say they can scan 200K genetic markers and screen across 350 dog breeds to tell you the makeup of your best friend. An upgrade also allows you to check your dog for genetic health risk markers, too.

You can save an additional 20% on this kit at Petco if you order online and pick up in a store.  

Armarkat Classic Model A6501 Cat Tree

RRP: $199.99 | Now: $159.20 | Save: $40.79 (opens in new tab)

This elegant five-tiered cat tree offers a delightful area for your feline while accenting your home with its lovely cream color. It features a tent playhouse, sisal scratching posts, two thick sisal rope toys, a hammock and two hanging toys. 

You & Me Standing Parrot Cage

RRP: $389.99 | Now: $292.49 | Save: $97.50 (opens in new tab)

There are many things to like about this parrot habitat, such as the durability of its lovely color, the features that make cleanup easy plus its spaciousness. The manufacturer recommends this cage for parrots, conures and cockatiels. 

Dogness Smart Cam Dark Blue Pet Feeder

RRP: $169.99 | Now: $135.99 | Save: $30.00 (opens in new tab)

This is a 165-degree full HD pet camera. Check on your pets day or night when you are away, play a prerecorded message and feed your furry friend via Dogness' portion-control wheels. 

Club Nine Pets Grey Roma Orthopedic Dog Bed

RRP: $199.00 | Now: $129.35 | Save: $69.65 (opens in new tab)

This dog bed is designed to reduce stress on your pup's joints and muscles. The cushions resist sagging, and are removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. The large bed is now $129.35, but medium and small sizes are cheaper.   

Harry Barker Welcome Home Pet Bundle

RRP: $100.00 | Now: $70.00 | Save: $30.00 (opens in new tab)

This kit is designed for new dog owners who want to welcome their pup of any age into their home. The set comes with a blanket, a rope leash, toys, a waste bag holder and a woven storage bin. 

Oxbow Simple Rewards Cranberry Baked Small Animal Treats

RRP: $6.49 | Now: $3.99 | Save: $2.50 (opens in new tab)

Oxbow treats are a delicious and healthy treat option for your small pets. Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and others will gobble up these treats fast and start recognizing the sound of its crinkled bag. 

These treats are now 38% off at Petco, but save an additional 20% when you purchase a $50 order online and pick up in a store. 

Skout's Honor Probiotic Shampoo for Dogs 

RRP: $19.99 | Now: $14.99 | Save $5.00 (opens in new tab)

This well-rated dog shampoo comes in several options, such as lavender or unscented. Skout's Honor says the shampoo is designed to support your pet's natural defenses against shedding and itching, while also promoting a naturally-balanced and healthier-looking skin and coat. 

Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test

RRP: $129.99 | Now: $84.49 | Save: $45.50 (opens in new tab)

Learn all about your cat's ancestry with this DNA testing kit, which gives you results in as little as two to three weeks. In addition to learning your cat's breed mix, you can also become aware of any genetic risks. Users have praised Wisdom Panel's website, which makes accessing the results an easy process. 

YOULY The Nature Lover Olive Multicolor Reversible Dog Puffer Coat

RRP: $24.99 | Now: $9.99 | Save: $15.00 (opens in new tab)

Gift your four-legged best friend a stylish, fleece-lined puffer coat from YOULY. Its reversible design gives you two looks to choose from. 

Cyber Monday pet deals from around the web 

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