Boris, Big Mac and Zoom - check out this list of crazy, lockdown-inspired dog names

Lockdown dog names
(Image credit: Yappy)

More people are getting dogs during lockdown, and the current state of global affairs is affecting those dogs' names, according to

The online gift shop announced the top ten lockdown-inspired dog names registered on its personalized online shop during the period of March 31 to August 31. There was a 325% rise in dogs named Boris during this time, with Zoom and Big Mac the most popular dog names. 

According to Yappy, the top ten lockdown-inspired dog names (by percentage increase) are as follows:

  • Boris - 325%
  • Zoom - 75%
  • Big Mac - 56%
  • Whopper - 48%
  • Nugget - 42%
  • Bubbles - 35%
  • Rainbow - 29%
  • Hope - 25%
  • Costa - 22% 
  • Waffles - 16%

While it seems a bit of a stretch calling "Rainbow" a lockdown-inspired nickname, most of the other ones on this list make sense - there's the new way of communicating (Zoom), the UK prime minister (Boris), comfort foods (Big Mac, Whopper, Waffles) and for some reason, Costa (maybe because of all the coffee we've needed for Zoom meetings). For the full list of dog names that have increased during lockdown, head here