Cat dreaming of warm milk: Is this the cutest cat video ever?

A cat dreaming of warm milk
(Image credit: unrulycompetition74)

This video of a cat dreaming of warm milk has been warming the hearts of Reddit users over the past few hours, so take a minute to meet ‘Floof’ – an adorable tabby kitten who’s having the sweetest of dreams.

The video of Floof the cat dreaming of warm milk was posted in the subreddit group r/aww (a group for ‘things that make you go AWW!’ and the home of really cute pictures and videos), and has since been upvoted 27.5K times, with 97% of viewers upvoting it.

floof_dreaming_of_warm_milk from r/aww

Animal scientists have carried out studies to confirm that cats (and other animals) really do dream in the same way as humans. Researchers monitored the brain activity of rats who were awake and performing various tasks such as searching for food. When the rats slept, researchers compared unconscious with conscious brain activity and found exactly the same patterns. This led them to the conclusion that rats do dream. While we don’t know exactly what they dream about, it’s reasonable to suppose that just like humans they’re reliving the events of the past few hours.

Floof’s video, posted by owner unrulycompetition74, has caught the attention of thousands of cat lovers. Viewers commented ‘it’s the purest, most wholesome thing I have witnessed all day,’, and ‘the cutest and adorable kitty having sweet dreams I've ever seen!’. 

The 16-second long video shows the adorable kitty mouthing and licking his lips, for all the world as though he’s lapping from a bowl. He also waggles his whiskers and twitches his front paws – although his eyes stay tightly closed throughout! 

Cats generally sleep for around 12 to 16 hours a day, but they’ll only dream when they’re deep in a REM cycle sleep – exactly the same as humans. It’s normal to see a dreaming cat twitching, stretching, snoring or making odd little grunting noises as they act out their innermost desires! You may not always be able to guess what they dream about – but in Floof’s case it’s clearly food related! The cute simplicity of the video has won thousands of fans, who have fallen in love with the little cat’s expressive face as he dreams of delicious goodies. Sweet dreams, little one!

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