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Five great DIY cat beds

Birman kitten inside one of the best DIY cat beds made from an old vintage light blue suitcase
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Every kitty needs a comfy place to sleep, and with these great DIY cat beds you can put your creativity and imagination to good use to make a bed that’s as unique as your feline furkid. While you can definitely pick up one of the best cat beds without having to part with too much of your hard-earned cash, a DIY cat bed lets you repurpose items that you might already have lying around the house. 

Designing and creating your own cat bed also lets you pick materials and fabrics that you like and that you feel will fit with the decor of your home. Many of the options below are fully customizable, so you can use whatever you have on hand. From an adorable vintage kitty camper made from a cardboard box to bunk beds made out of suitcases, these DIY cat beds will give the best luxury cat beds a serious run for their money. 

1) Hanging window basket

DIY cat bed made from a woven basket hanging up at window with cat asleep inside it

(Image credit: Mad Paws)

This luxe hanging wooden basket oozes style and sophistication, giving your kitty the perfect view of the world around them while also adding a touch of class to your living space. Made from simple and easy-to-find materials, it’s a breeze to make and comes with straightforward instructions. 

2) Suitcase bunk bed

Double bunk cat bed made from denim blue colored suitcases with red trim. One tabby cat lying in bottom bunk and one tabby cat lying in top bunk looking at camera.

(Image credit: odditymall)

Retro suitcases have made a serious comeback in recent years, but if you’d rather not be seen collecting yours off the baggage claim carousel at the airport then why not turn it into an awesome bunk bed for your cat? Great for a single furkid who loves lots of space or multi-kitty households, this ingenious idea not only looks super cool but the plush pillows will make your feline feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud. 

3) Magic carpet cat hammock

DIY cat bed hammock under coffee table with black cat lying in it

(Image credit: Settle down Slinki Blog)

Bring a touch of Disney fun to your living room with this Aladdin-inspired magic carpet hammock, perfect for the kitty who likes to hang out wherever you are. This cozy hideaway provides a touch of privacy and security, while also letting your furkid be a part of the action. Cheap and cheerful, this hammock is great for those on a budget and can be whipped up in under 2 hours. If you don't have 2 hours to spare, take a look at the ready-made options in our round-up of the best cat hammocks.

4) No-sew pet teepee

DIY cat bed jute teepee with tabby cat peaking out

(Image credit: Coffee with Summer blog)

If you’ve ever found yourself admiring those luxury pet teepees that have been doing the rounds these past few years, then here’s a chance to make one for a fraction of the store price. This elegant teepee requires no sewing and you can easily swap out the neutral jute fabric for something a bit bolder if you’d prefer. It can also be painted or strung with fairy lights to add a special ambiance to your living space. 

5) Vintage kitty camper

DIY cat bed vintage kitty camper with mint green bottom, yellow trim, bunting flags strung above door, and tabby cat peeking out

(Image credit:

For an adorable and unique cat bed that will have every visitor to your home gushing over your creative talents, look no further than this sweet vintage kitty camper. This one is definitely more labor-intensive than the others, but the payoff is well worth it with the end result being a real showstopper. The materials themselves are inexpensive and we love that you can add some real glamping charm with bunting flags and mason jar lanterns. 

Have a canine companion and want to make them their very own bed too? Then check out our guide to the five best DIY dog beds with plenty of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

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