Adorable cat named after the Queen living the high life at swanky London hotel

Lilibet, the cat named after the Queen
(Image credit: @the_lanesborough/Instagram)

A cat named after the Queen has shot to fame after one of the most exclusive hotels in London shared photos of the regal feline on their Instagram page. Known as the Queen of the Lanesborough, unassuming Lilibet is taking her newfound stardom in her stride.

Turning three this month, Lilibet spends her days roaming the floors of one of London’s poshest hotels, where a suite can easily set you back an eye-watering £27,000. But there’s no charge for the hotel's most loved resident, who gets treated like the royalty she is. 

So, what exactly inspired the hotel to give Lilibet such an esteemed name? "Lilibet's name was chosen by the cat committee – as the Queen is our adjacent neighbour to The Lanesborough, we thought it a befitting name to call her after the Queen's childhood nickname,” explains Jo Stevenson, one of The Lanesborough’s employees.

With free reign of this pet-friendly hotel (with the exception of the restaurant), Lilibet comes and goes as she pleases, and while she gets on with pretty much everyone and is a fairly laid-back little feline, there are a few guests she’s not so keen on.

"Lilibet welcomes all our regular guests, visiting guests to our outlets, and as we are cat and dog friendly have a regular fellow fury friends visiting – there is one breed she is not keen on and that is French bulldogs – she becomes very feisty when she sees this breed for some reason."

And while Lilibet can pretty much do as she pleases, the crew at The Lanesborough still make sure they keep a close eye on the comings and goings of their most beloved resident. 

"We have a cat committee at The Lanesborough – but we all take care of her – there is a Whatsapp group and we have a tracker on her so if she does go missing we can find her."

Kathryn Williams
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