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Cat People Netflix: New series brings together cat lovers from around the world

cat people netflix
(Image credit: Netflix)

Looking for your new TV obsession? The new Cat People Netflix series could be exactly what you’re after.

Following hot on the paw-heels of fellow streaming success story Dogs, Cat People is a documentary series focusing on the daily life of cat lovers from around the world.

From the cat community of Syros to cat birthday parties and all-feline bands, there seems to be a wide range of moggy mania on display here – not that we’re ones to quibble, they look exactly like our kind of people!

While some of the lengths these people go to in order to display their love may make you wonder if your own furry friend is sufficiently pampered (we’re sure they are), it’s hard not to admire the level of love on display here.

 But don’t take our word for it - check out Netflix’s description of the show:

“Dogs may get credit for being humanity’s best friend, but to many people cats are just as much our loyal partners — even though if you asked cats they might not admit it!"

"CAT PEOPLE explores our fascinating relationship with cats through the lens of some the most remarkable, and surprising “cat people” in the world, defying the negative stereotypes of what it means to be a cat person while revealing the fundamental truths of what it means to have deep bonds with these fiercely independent, mysterious creatures.”

‘Defying the negative stereotypes’ is the standout word for us here. In an age where it’s very easy to be downcast, it’s refreshing to be able to watch something wholesome, where people from all walks of life are united by a shared love and goal.

Want to find out for yourself? Cat People arrives on Netflix on 7 July. Make a date in your diary feline-lovers!

Steve Wright

Steve has combined editing and writing for publications like SciFiNow, How It Works and All About History with being a doormat to various cats and dogs. He lodges with two moggies called Giles and Willow, and will be told off if he doesn't mention his girlfriend's magnificent pooch, Toby.