Cat snuggling with baby is heart-melting in sweet viral clip

cat snuggling with baby
(Image credit: TikTok / @williamandteddy)

It’s always exciting to welcome a new addition to the family, and it seems even our feline pals don’t want to miss out on the snuggles. This cute video of Teddy the cat and best friend baby William having a snuggle is simply adorable.

The video shared on TikTok by user @williamandteddy shows the white fluffy cat cuddling up to sleeping baby William, while affectionately petting him with his paw. 

The caption says, ‘Teddy & Baby William, this cat loves the little guy’, accompanied by the song, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ by Christina Perri. 


Teddy & Baby William 🥺❤️ this cat loves the little guy

♬ you are my sunshine - christina perri

It’s no surprise that this sweet clip went viral, receiving 8.6 million views and delighting netizens.

One user posted, "So sweet. Love this so much", while other users shared their own experiences, "Our cat always had to be by my son’s side. It’s a beautiful thing". 

Another shared, "We had kitties when my oldest two were babies that stood guard and liked to sleep in their swing next to them in bed."

It seems the Internet adores clips of pets and babies, and in 2021, another clip went viral of a cat introducing her kitten owner’s baby. In fact, it's well-known that feline friends can form a special bond with newborns and babies. 

And while there may be some concern, according to experts, these interactions are perfectly safe provided they are supervised. 

“Cats and babies can get along fine,” states Jennifer Van de Kieft, Feline behavior consultant, “Supervise interactions to ensure they go well and are all safe. When the baby comes home, let the cat see the baby in short sessions and pair it with things that the cat likes, such as affection, treats and play.”

Well, there’s no denying the immediate bond between these new besties, Teddy the cat and baby William. If that doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will!

Cynthia Lawrence

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