Feline festival CatFest celebrates cats and pop culture all under one roof

sunglass cat will be at catfest in london
Sunglass Cat will be amongst feline guests at CatFest in London (Image credit: Sunglass Cat / Instagram)

If you're crazy about your cat, then you're sure to fit right in at CatFest, an inspiring feline festival that brings together the best of pop culture and our devotion to our kitty companions in one big celebration. 

Created out of love for cats and to help animals in need, CatFest is now in its third year and will be returning to London for another jam-packed event in 2022.

Held at Beckenham Place Mansion, the festival gives feline lovers the opportunity to snap up fabulous cat-related products and see some inspiring arts and crafts, along with talks from renowned writers, animal experts and meet-and-greets with feline celebrities and adoptable rescue kittens.

This time around you can mingle with the likes of celebrity cats Angeles’ Sunglass Cat Bagel, supermodel kitty Starina, London therapy cat Quita, Pixie adventure cat, Barry the Bengal, Rene & Freya, the travelling menagerie and other feline influencers.

Speakers include TV star Rory the Vet, big-cat conservationist John Rendall (Christian the Lion), Diana Darke (The Last Sanctuary in Aleppo), acclaimed wildlife photographer Britta Jaschinski, Kimberlie Hamilton (Rebel Cats) and Nick Harding (Tale of Two Kitties).

There's even an opportunity to play with adoptable rescued cats and kittens in the event's very own meow parlor, followed by a feline-themed cocktail or two and a bite to eat at the festival's food and drink outlets if you'd like.

Part of the proceeds will benefit ERHAM RESCUE to help sterilise, treat and feed and rescue street cats and kittens in desperate need.

CatFest is on at the Beckenham Place Mansion, London, on July 16 2022. For further information or to book tickets, visit the official CatFest website.

Ashleigh Gibbs
Digital Editor

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