First ever scientifically-researched Christmas song for dogs is out now

Christmas song for dogs
(Image credit: UK)

The world’s first Christmas song for dogs has been pricking up dog’s ears with its squeaky toy noises and common phrases since becoming available to stream across all popular music platforms.

The song, called ‘Raise The Woof!’, is made up of a variety of squeaky toys, high-frequency sounds, and classic canine phrases such as sit, treat, and good boy to help get tails wagging.

This reggae-based track, which was mastered at one of the world’s most famous music studios, Abbey Road, was produced with the help of scientists, vets, and animal behaviourists in the hope it will help dogs feel ‘happy and content’.

“Creating a song just for dogs to enjoy with their families seemed an ideal way to bring some light-hearted fun to a difficult year and get tails wagging nationwide”, explains animal behaviourist, Carolyn Menteith.

And it sounds like it’s been working a treat! One listener explained how they wished they’d heard it through their headphones first - "now my puppy Daisy thinks she’s going for a walk to chase squirrels with her squeaky toys and then have dinner and a treat and it’s only 8:45!"

So what are you waiting for? Play it for your dog and let us know what they think. 

Chloe Petrylak

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