Watch: Courageous cat chases bear from owner’s driveway

Cat chases bear from owners driveway
(Image credit: @blasterbrawls/TikTok)

While you’d expect this duel to play out more than a little differently, a cat chasing a bear from his owner's driveway has shown that you don’t need to be big to be brave - or to emerge victorious. 

Two-year-old Bengal cat Tigger was hanging out in his driveway watching his owners, brothers Gavin and Cameron Sturrock, pack up the car for a camping trip when a large black bear suddenly appeared. 

"I didn't notice right away, but my little cat was just like -- he was right here," Gavin told Global News. "He was two feet away from this bear. I was freaked out. I was like oh my god this bear is going to eat my cat"

Tigger, who is known for being both mischievous and fearless, can regularly be seen chasing neighborhood dogs off the brothers Canyon Heights property, and a large bear was simply par for the course for this courageous kitty.


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Gavin, who filmed the incident on his phone, can be heard in the footage trying to call his cat back to him, but Tigger was not about to be deterred. Instead, he can be seen arching his back and moving toward the bear, who begins to retreat.

Even as the bear starts to turn away, Tigger is keen to make his point that the furry creature is not welcome on his property, picking up his pace and trotting after the bear who disappears around the side of the house. 

It’s not the first time the bear has been seen in the Canyon Heights area, although the brothers say he has never paid them a visit before. And given the fact that Tigger remained in hot pursuit of him until he fled the property, we have a feeling it will be quite some time before he comes by again. 

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