Watch: Pit bull loses bed to tiny kitten

A pit bull looking sad because she has to sleep in a tiny kitten bed
(Image credit: Zara_pitt)

A pit bull has become social media famous after a TikTok clip reveals what happens when a cat gets in his king size bed… he takes the cat’s bed of course!

Every feline owner knows what happens when they’ve got a cat fast asleep on their lap but they desperately want to get up.

That’s right - they stay put! 

This phenomenon is commonly known as kitten paralyzation and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. 

The other side of this is when you want to rest somewhere - be it your favorite chair or even your own bed - and your kitty is curled up, sleeping peacefully.  And this is exactly what happened to Zara the pit bull!

The clip, which has had over three million views and almost 500k likes, was posted to a TikTok account that is dedicated to the pooch, called Zara_pitt.


♬ Oh No - Kreepa

It’s been a long day and all Zara wants to do is relax in her bed.

Sadly, that didn’t quite happen. 

Instead, Zara discovered that her fellow four-legged friend (or foe!), Amora the calico, had already made herself feel very at home… right in the middle of six-year-old Zara’s giant dog bed.

Although it’s not quite how she’d planned for her evening to pan out, she decided to look on the bright side - there was still another bed available after all.

So, she figured she’d give Amora’s small cat bed a go.

But, as the clip’s caption reads, “when you want to sleep but your KING bed is occupied”, which is just one indication that Zara really isn’t happy about the situation.

That’s when the camera turns and captures the look on the pooch’s face - you’ll never see an expression as sad as this one!

A second clip of Zara shows her really trying to get comfortable in the cat’s bed but the caption reads “of course it fits me”, which unfortunately isn’t quite the case!

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