Does your dog struggle to settle down? Trainer reveals four ways to help them calm down

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For dog owners struggling with hyperactive dogs or excitable new puppies, maintaining a sense of calm can be a challenge. If you’ve exhausted yourself, but not your dog, playing endlessly with them and the best puppy toys, you’re probably in need of a new strategy to bring some chill to your household.

Thankfully, the experienced dog trainers from Good Dog Training, have shared invaluable tips to help calm down an energetic canine. By incorporating simple yet effective techniques into their daily routine, dog owners can create a serene environment and foster a harmonious relationship with their furry companions.

Carolyn recommends implementing four techniques on a daily basis, particularly for those dogs who struggle with staying calm. Check out the post below or read on to find out more about her helpful tips…

First and foremost, she suggests providing 1-2 chews a day such as stuffed Kongs or bully sticks - we also would recommend investing in some of the longest lasting dog chews if you want some extended peace. Repetitive chewing not only keeps dogs occupied but also releases endorphins, promoting a sense of calmness in the process.

In addition to chewing, dog puzzle toys and food dispensing toys are highly recommended by Carolyn. By engaging their brains to work for their food, dogs are not only mentally stimulated but also encouraged to focus, redirecting their excess energy toward a more productive and calming activity.

Another effective technique shared by Carolyn is the power of sniffing. If you have a young pup, hiding small piles of food in easy-to-reach spots allows puppies to engage in an enriching sniffing experience. You can scatter food in the backyard or throughout the house, encouraging dogs to use their incredible sense of smell to find their meals. Or simply allowing your dog to sniff freely while out on walks can be beneficial. Do you know why you should let your dog sniff on a walk? This activity not only keeps them occupied but also taps into their natural instincts, ultimately leading to a sense of relaxation.

Lastly, Carolyn emphasizes the benefits of licking as a naturally calming activity. By setting up a lick mat for your dog, they can settle in and enjoy a relaxing licking session. Similar to chewing, this activity triggers a calming response, helping dogs achieve a more balanced state of mind. If you notice your dog is channeling the action of licking all over you, to the point where it is too much, have a read of our vet's guide to excessive licking in dogs in case it's a cause for concern.

By incorporating daily activities such as chewing, puzzle toys, sniffing, and licking, dog owners can redirect their dogs' energy, promote mental stimulation, and achieve a state of tranquility. With these tips and a commitment to positive training methods, dog owners can create a serene environment and build a strong, bond with their four legged companions.

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