Rap-loving, carpool dog takes TikTok by storm: ‘2 Pup Shakur’

rap-loving dog takes TikTok by storm
(Image credit: TikTok / @love_n_naz / Getty Images)

A dog has gone viral on TikTok for their love of listening to rap music in the car. 

The clip, under the handle, Love_n_naz, shows a pooch sitting in the passenger seat beside his owner in the car. 

Wearing matching bandanas, and rocking a gold chain, we see the pooch nodding his head in time to the beat of a rap hit made by the late rapper, Tupac Shakur.  

While they both enjoy the music, we see his owner turn to say to him, “Tupac lives in you. Tupac is back, he’s not dead.”

This heartwarming clip racked up an impressive 25 million views, with over 2,000 comments from fans. 

One netizen named him, ‘2 Pup Shakur’, while another shared, ‘I love you bro, when I’m sad, your videos make me happy.” 

What’s more, there were plenty commenting on the pooch’s cool appearance and how cute he looked, saying, ‘This dog is wayy cooler than I am!’


♬ original sound - love_n_naz

It’s no surprise this cool pooch has garnered 1.1million followers on TikTok, and it’s full of different, ‘carpool’ videos taken with his loving owner. 

The hilarious clips show him dressed up in various dress styles whilst nodding along to more of his favorite rap songs. 

A few clips even show him wearing matching hats and shirts with his owner, making them an entertaining duo to watch. 


♬ original sound - love_n_naz

If you just can't get enough of this rap-loving pooch and his hilarious carpool trips, you can follow the pair over on their TikTok or Instagram channels using the handle @love_n_naz.

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