Meet the new Piano Cat! The new kitty on the block with some musical talent

Piano cat accompanying his human on the keyboards
(Image credit: @thegallowboob Twitter)

Those who remember the piano cat meme will no doubt give an immediate thumbs-up to its spiritual successor. That’s right; there’s a new feline pianist in town.

This time, it’s the turn of ginger tom Barney, who quickly took to the keys and the sounds they made. 

Before long, his owner Marsel Gilmanov took note and decided to encourage Barney’s newfound musical aptitude, adding his own guitar-playing sounds to Barney’s music. As you can see from the below video – originally reported on by the fine folks at Classic FM – the results are something to behold: 

Very good, we’re sure you’ll agree. Those who were worried that Marsel might cramp Barney’s style can rest easy, if anything those guitar strings add some resonance to Barney’s adept tapping.

We wonder what tunes he should try his paw at next: What’s New Pussycat? Cool For Cats? Alley Cats? Nashville Cats? We’ll stop now, but you get the point. No need to paws for thought on this one.

However, the musical medleys don’t end there. No doubt inspired by Barney and Marsel, someone else has added a rather dulcet set of vocals to the music track. You wouldn’t know that only two thirds of the contributors are actually human, but the results are certainly not any the weaker for it:

Hopefully this will escalate to the point where before long, a full-on backing orchestra will be there to elevate Barney’s piano-playing skills to a whole new level. Then there’ll be the first album, the tour, the difficult second album, the reissues… the possibilities are endless.

Think your cat can do better than Barney? Why not hand yours a keyboard, see what they can do, and film the results? Potential TikTok fame awaits...

Steve Wright

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