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Cats versus Christmas trees: Five hilarious videos of festive destruction

cats versus Christmas trees
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Cats versus Christmas trees seems to be a fairly common battle, despite there being at least seven ways to cat proof Christmas trees. It’s funny too, so long as it’s not your cat attacking your tree, as proved by the five scenes of festive feline carnage that follow. Needless to say, there’ll be none of the best cat toys under the tree for these cats. We're sure most of our readers will keep pet safety at Christmas foremost in their minds this Christmas.

From kittens taking delight in systematically removing baubles one by one, to surprise pounces that take down the entire tree in one go, we’ve searched the internet for cat vs tree combat where kitty most definitely comes out the winner. Take a look and delight in some seasonal schadenfreude...

1. Tux v tree

Tux is a cute little demolition expert who treats the Christmas tree like his very own activity gym. Bauble, beads, and lights make a great stand in for the best interactive cat toys, and even his owner can’t resist letting him have a little fun before telling him “no!”.

2. Cat Christmas tree disaster

Let’s face it: there is something pretty cute about a cat in a Christmas tree, up to a point… For the owners of Sesshomaru, that point comes at about 59 seconds into this video when he/she brings the whole thing crashing to the floor.

3. Disaster strikes quickly

It’s only four seconds long, but there’s a lot to like about this video. Firstly, it’s a beautiful-looking tree that gets felled after the cat leaps from the top. Secondly, the dog seemed to know it was coming a good three seconds before the owner, and finally, the owner’s dismayed “NO!” as the tree comes crashing down.

4. Jazzy’s Xmas mishap

Some cats manage to scale the heights of the Christmas tree, making it all the way to the top before bringing the whole thing down. Poor Jazzy here didn’t even manage to get her back feet off the ground before the tree landed on her.

5. Christmas cat mishaps galore

You can’t beat a compilation of Christmas cat carnage, so here’s our favorite one in the form of Cats vs Christmas trees. Four and half minutes of festive feline fun that’s guaranteed to raise a smile from all who watch it.

Keeping your cat safe at Christmas

The videos here are all good fun, but it would be remiss of us not to mention the danger that Christmas trees can pose to cats. Here, The Blue Cross offer some warnings on how to keep your cat safe at Christmas that include:

  • Tinsel and decorations can be dangerous if swallowed.
  • Curious cats trying to climb Christmas trees are at risk of injury.
  • Snow globes can be extremely dangerous, as they can contain antifreeze.
  • Poinsettia and berries are among the festive plants that pose a risk.
  • Some human foods are poisonous to cats.

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