Stubborn dog sits in water fountain and decides to have a spa day in the middle of the street

dog sits in water fountain
(Image credit: TikTok / @kristinefinne)

If your pet refuses to obey your commands, spare a thought for the owner of this chilled canine. A passer-by captured the moment a daring dog decided to sit in a water fountain and take it easy, while his human companion looked on.

Posted to TikTok by user @kristinefinne, the video appears to show a Golden Retriever stretched out across a street water feature looking unperturbed at both being filmed and having his owner crouched below him holding onto his lead.

Even though the dog walker looks as though he's having words with him and even appears to gesture to the dog to move at the end of the video, the stubborn pup continues to enjoy his very own infinity pool without as much as a hint of movement. 

"In case you are having a bad day, watch this dog relax in a fountain in the middle of the street," the caption reads. 


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With 12 million views and counting, it appears plenty of TikTokers related to this lazy dog taking a break from his apparently strenuous walkies. 

"My spirit animal", wrote @jaileise_spend.love25.

"He’s living his best life," commented @ginevrabiancuccii.

While many netizens found the dog's funny antics to be entirely adorable, others were keen to draw attention to the dog walker's plight instead.

"Imagine having to go home by car afterwards", said @KingSanchez_

"You know that owner is trying to reason with him,"  joked @thismillenial.

Even pet influencer, Cooper the Goldie, had his say about the pooch's bad behavior on the social media platform, simply saying: "OMG BUDDY!!"

If your dog is feeling similarly uncooperative, it may feel tempting to drag them but remember this can cause strain to the neck and even lead to the development of negative associations with being pulled.

Patience is key: training a puppy to walk on a leash can allow your pooch to develop positive associations with wearing a collar or harness in the first instance.   

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