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Cat tree Black Friday deals - last chance to grab a bargain

Cat tree Black Friday deals: Tabby cat lying in hammock that's part of cat tree
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There’s still some great cat tree Black Friday deals to be bagged if you're quick enough so take a look through this updated list to see if there’s one that catches your, or your cat’s, eye.

Some of the best deals from the major retailers see them offering up to 40% off amazing-looking cat condos that feature observation platforms, hideaway caves and all manner of dangling toys to practice pouncing on.

As well as providing your feline with some fantastic playtime, these handy pieces of kit come complete with the best cat scratching posts to save your furniture from scratches and tears. Take a look through our list of bargains and find the perfect cat tree for your feline friend.

PetsRadar's best cat tree Black Friday deals

The best Cat tree Black Friday deals in the US

Penn-Plax SLS 2-Post Vertical 68-in Sisal Cat Tree & Condo
RRP: $221.69 | Now: $159.99 | $61.70 (28%) (opens in new tab)
This towering, 68-inch tall cat tree features two tall posts for plenty of play options along two perches for surveying surroundings and two cat caves for hiding. The five-level tower has posts covered in sisal rope for exercising claws on and includes dangling cat toys to encourage playing and pouncing.

TRIXIE Oviedo 41.25-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo
RRP: $79.99 | Now: $59.99 | $20.00 (25%) (opens in new tab)
Features a lower level kitty condo that’s perfect for napping, a vertical tunnel with three entryways for exploring, and perches for lounging. Natural and durable sisal scratching posts provide a healthy outlet for your cat’s scratching instincts, and can withstand extended scratching. 

Yaheetech 33.5-in Plush Cat Tree
RRP: $57.99 | Now: $46.77 | $11.22 (19%) (opens in new tab)
This plush cat tree is crafted with a soft covering to provide you cat with a comfortable place to chill. It’s easy to assemble and and features a couple of cosy cat caves and a plush nest for relaxing. Two scratching posts are including to encourage your cat away from scratching the furniture.

Segawe 57-inch Cat Tree & Condo Scratching Post Tower
RRP: $110.99 | Now: $66.59 | Save: $44.40 (40%) (opens in new tab)
This is a super impressive saving on this ever-popular cat tree that features two large cushioned platforms, two spacious hideaway houses, sisal scratching posts, a fun hammock and interactive jingly balls to play with. Sturdy and stable, it comes with wall anchor straps for extra stability and is easy to assemble. 

On2 Pets Cat Tree with Leaves
RRP: $154.99 | Now: $117.28 | Save: $37.71 (24%) (opens in new tab)
Taking the phrase ‘cat tree’ to as literal a level as you can get, this is one of the most unique cat trees we’ve ever seen and we have a feeling your kitty is going to love it! Designed to hold up to 32 lbs, it’s easy to assemble and is perfect for jumping, scratching, climbing and relaxing. Made from pressed wood, carpet, and artificial leaves, the three carpeted perches are tucked in amongst the leaves to tap into your kitty’s natural instinct to hide within nature.

You & Me Deluxe Clubhouse 7-Level Cat Tree

RRP: $249.99 | Now: $187.49 | Save: $62.50 (25%) (opens in new tab)

Seven levels of plush fabric-lined perches will make your cats feel right at home. Manufacturer You & Me says its premium hardware can handle a lot of weight and recommends anchoring this cat tree to a wall. 

Catry Cat Tree with Feather Toy
RRP: $35.96 | Now: $25.48 | Save: $10.48 (29%) (opens in new tab)
If you don’t want a massive cat tree cluttering up your living space but you still want a place for your cat to hang out in, then this model from Catry is a winner. Measuring 6.3 x 13.6 x 16 inches, it’s ideal for small cats or kittens and it offers both a perch and a hammock bed to give your feline friend the best of both worlds. Plus, it comes with two scratching posts to keep their claws in tip-top condition and a fun feather toy for them to play with.

ZEZE Paradise Park Carpet Cat Scratching Post

RRP: $129.99 | Now: $85.90 | Save: $44.09 (34%) (opens in new tab)

This colorful 32 inch (81 cm) cat tree and scratching post adds a whimsical touch to your home. It features two perches and multiple platforms. 

Armarkat 73-in Classic Faux Fleece Cat Tree

RRP: $146.99 | Now: $107.99 | Save: $39.00 (26%) (opens in new tab)

This four-level ivory-colored cat tree includes a rope swing, hammock, condo, and perch. The tall structure doesn't take up a lot of space in your home and comes with easy assembly instructions.  

Go Pet Club Classic Sisal Posts Cat Tree Condo

RRP: $89.99 | Now: $56.99 | Save: $33.00 (37%) (opens in new tab)

This warm-colored cat tree has five posts covered in natural sisal rope to scratch and climb. This cat tree is good for a home with single or multiple cats. 

Armarkat 65-in Faux Fur Hammock, Tent House & Cat Tree, Silver Gray & Beige

RRP: $139.99 | Now: $99.99 | Save: $40 (29%) (opens in new tab)

This cat tree offers six levels and a faux fur lining for comfortable play and relaxation. It comes with two perches, one tent house, one swinging hammock, and nine posts of natural sisal rope. 

HYABI Cat Condo with Jump Platform and Cat Furniture

RRP: $119.99 | Now: $89.99 | Save: $30.00 (25%) (opens in new tab)

This multifaceted cat tree and condo offers many nooks and perches for your feline friend to explore. Enjoy the sea-faring whimsical design that it brings to your home, too. 

Kitty Mansions Amazon Green Cat Tree, 78" H

RRP: $319.99 | Now: $208.54 | Save: $111.45 (35%) (opens in new tab)

This arboreal-themed cat tree offers sweet home decor and a fun lounging place for your felines, accomodating up to five cats. 

The best Cat tree Black Friday deals in the UK

Kerbl Dolomit Cat Tree, 168 cm, White
RRP: £94.13 | Now: £80.58 | £13.55 (14%) (opens in new tab)
This wall-mounted cat tree features three platforms for your cat to chillax on including a cat cave, cat hammock and a “lie-down area”. The plush cushions on each of these platforms are detachable for easy cleaning and the post is wrapped in natural sisal material that will keep your cat’s claws busy.

Rosewood Charcoal Felt Triple Cat Tower
RRP: £110.00 | Now: £99.00 | Save: £11.00 (10%) when you use the code BLACKFRIDAY10* at the checkout (opens in new tab)
This cat tower is constructed from a mix of strong, plaited, paper-based rope, felt and wood and offers your feline friend the perfect place to rest, scratch and play. It features two beds, one covered and one uncovered along with multiple platforms for your cat to recline one. There are two toys to play with and two posts to scratch, making it a strong choice for multi-cat households.


Hey-brother Cat tree, 128 cm Cat tower with Large condo
RRP: £59.99 | Now: £47.99  | £12.00 (20%) (opens in new tab)
This stylish-looking multi-level cat tree will provide even the most active cat with a host of activities. They cats exercise their claws on the scratching post, play peek-a-boo in the cat-cave, or survey their surroundings from the lofty, top-perch. There’s also a hammock to snooze in and a few toys to play with. It measures 46.1 x 45.7 x 28.4 cm.

PawHut Cat Scratching Barrel Kitten Tree
RRP: £53.99 | Now: £41.59| £12.40 (23%) (opens in new tab)
This novel design features two areas accessed by large entrance, provided an ideal place for a kitten to hide, rest and relax. The outside is covered with Sisal and Seaweed Rope that offers the ideal surface for your kitten or cat to scratch on. The interior is covered with plush fabric, making the resting area comfortable and cosy.

SONGWAY Cat Trees Tower with Hammock
RRP:£56.99 | Now: £45.59| £11.40 (20%) (opens in new tab)
This cat tree features two large baskets making it a good choice for those with more than one cat. Each hammock is covered with soft plush and the posts are covered with environmentally friendly sisal rope. Product dimensions are ‎56 x 56 x 70 cm.

Black Friday pet deals from around the web 

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