Grab 40% off the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker in the Prime Day sale and keep tabs on your fur friend

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker
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The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker lets you follow your furry friend from the comfort of your phone and right now you can grab yourself a huge bargain on this little beauty, down from $49.99 to $30.00 at Amazon

One of the best pet trackers on the market, the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is suitable for dogs and cats and features a live tracking mode that gives you updates on your beloved bundle of fluffs location every two to three seconds.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker
Was: $49.99 | Now: $30.00 | Save: $19.99 (40%)

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker
Was: $49.99 | Now: $30.00 | Save: $19.99 (40%)
Follow your furry friend's every step in real-time on your phone with live tracking and location history. Small, lightweight and waterproof the tracker features a virtual fence setting, location updates every 2-3 seconds if your pet leaves your property, and all-day activity monitoring. 

If you have a fur friend who loves to roam and you’ve been considering investing in a pet tracker, there’s never been a better time to buy. And while there are a multitude of similar devices on the market these days, Tractive does a brilliant job of offering plenty of features for a fraction of the cost of other trackers.

Featuring a battery life of up to seven days, this tracker is 100% waterproof and shockproof, plus it has a lightweight design so your pet won’t even know they’re wearing it. 

We love that you have the ability to set a virtual fence up on this tracker, meaning you’ll only get alerts if your feline or canine tries to leave the safe zone you’ve set up for them, and with unlimited range and worldwide coverage, there’s no nook or cranny too far away for the Tractive to locate your pet.

Alongside keeping tabs on your fur friends' whereabouts, you’ll also be able to monitor their activity levels and sleep patterns, helping you to set goals for their health and ensuring they’re getting enough exercise and rest.

You’ll need a subscription for the Tractive, but with plans starting from just $4.99 per month, we reckon it could well be worth it if you have a kitty or canine who tends to like taking adventures without so much as a goodbye! 

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