Happy ending as abandoned 'gay dog' adopted by new owners

gay dog adopted
(Image credit: Facebook)

We do like a happy ending. ‘Gay dog adopted’ might seem like a strange headline, but it marks a happy conclusion to a rather sad series of events.

As we reported on previously, a dog called Fezco was left at an animal shelter in North Carolina after his owners, having caught him mounting another male dog, decided that he must be gay.

As well as being a classic case of homophobia in action, it’s also nonsense. As we mentioned previously, dogs mounting dogs of the same gender is pretty common, and doesn’t denote sexuality.

In a lot of cases, it can be down to asserting dominance over another dog, or because of a high level of testosterone or just play.

Regardless, this story has had a positive outcome. Stanley County Animal Protective Services, who initially received Fezco, had him taken in by Greater Charlotte SPCA, reported on their Facebook page that an adopter has been found, who themselves are in a same-sex relationship.

The couple in question, Steve Nichols and his partner John, have been together for more than 30 years. The first thing they did was rename Fezco ‘Oscar’, after the famous writer, Oscar Wilde. 

In an interview with WCCB Charlotte, Nichols said, “It’s just such a silly reason to turn in a dog. We just thought it would make sense for the gay dog to be adopted by a loving gay family.”

Which is a lovely attitude to have. While it’s nice to see this supposedly gay dog adopted by a loving and caring family, it’s a shame that this situation arose in the first place.

Beyond the basic ignorance displayed by the dog’s original owners, there’s a wider discussion to be had if you’re someone who thinks there’s a problem with a dog being ‘gay’.

Regardless, it’s their loss. Oscar has found a new home where we’re sure that he’ll be much happier.

Steve Wright

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