Help save the best dog friendly bar in NYC

Dog sitting in a booth at the best dog friendly bar in NYC
(Image credit: Instagram/d.b.a east village)

Arguably the best dog friendly bar in NYC, d.b.a East Village has thrived since it burst onto the scene in 1995. This trailblazer of a bar saw a gap in the market, quickly establishing itself as a beer lover’s haven, with people flocking from around the city to indulge in local craft beers and European classics.

But d.b.a East Village has been more than just a place to sample the frothy stuff, it’s a community, a place for people to gather with their fellow humans and canine companions to swap stories, have a laugh, and meet likeminded people.

While the impressive 200 plus list of beers, 90 odd scotches, and 60 tequila brands may have something to do with its appeal, it’s also one of the best bars in the city when it comes to happily throwing open its doors to both humans and hounds. 

Over the past 25 years, d.b.a East Village has been a respite from the chaos of the external world, surviving through weather disasters, 9/11, the recession, and the loss of their founders, to provide a safe space for people to come together as a community to share their best and worst times.

Goldendoodle dog sitting at a table at the best dog friendly bar in NYC

(Image credit: Instagram/d.b.a eastvillage)

The best dog friendly bar in NYC has always been there to lend a helping hand to those in need and now it needs your help. Like so many in the hospitality industry, the staff of d.b.a East Village are struggling. For over a year their doors have remained closed and they need all of us to band together to help them reopen them.

“We hope ALL of our locals and neighborhood folks who still have income rolling in can find time to support any business, ours or otherwise, that has been a part of your special moments over the years,” says the team. 

They currently have an appeal running on gofundme and you can access it here. They’re aiming to raise $20,000 and are not far off their goal, having raised an impressive $14,269 so far. Donations don’t have to be big, with the team saying: “Anything at all helps. And every last penny is a penny we will be grateful beyond words for” 

While it’s been a rough 14 months for the crew at d.b.a East Village, they remain determined to reopen and reclaim their title as the best dog friendly bar in NYC. “We will not be a casualty of this disaster. We will be back. What we are trying to do is ensure that our staff, with its historically low turnover, can still afford to stay in their homes so that when we crack those doors open again it will be the faces you see below ready to welcome you back home. We love you and we will see you soon”

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