Hurry! I saved 40% buying a dog tracker in the Cyber Monday sales and so can you

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We can't blame dogs for being adventurers and wanting to go off and explore things without us, but no dog owner wants to lose their dog for good. GPS trackers are useful even for the best-behaved dogs since they allow you to keep tabs on your dog at all times and get a better insight into what your canine gets up to. 

Rather than purchasing one for full price, you can nab a pet GPS tracker on sale today as part of the Cyber Monday sales. This year's big shopping event sale even includes some of the best pet trackers out there featuring all the extra bells and whistles such as health tracking capabilities. That's right, you can pretty much use one as your pet's very own Fitbit.

FYI, often these dog trackers have an additional subscription plan after you purchase your device, hence why it's wise to buy one for less now. Without further ado let's get onto these wallet friendly deals before Cyber Monday ends and these pet GPS trackers are no longer marked down...

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker| Was $49.99,  now $30.00 at Amazon

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker| Was $49.99,  now $30.00 at Amazon
Monitor your dog's daily explorations with this Tractive tracker. You can mark safe zones on the device that will notify you if your dog tries to go beyond these. You can even track your canine's activity and calorie burn. Go for it whilst it's only $30!

Whistle GPS Health & Fitness GPS Tracker| Was $149.95,  now $94.75 at Amazon

Whistle GPS Health & Fitness GPS Tracker| Was $149.95,  now $94.75 at Amazon
Monitor your dog's whereabouts as well as their health and behaviors to spot any potential health issues. You can even email a 30-day report of your dog to its vet. Grab one now while there is 37% marked off.

Cube Real Time GPS Dog & Cat Tracker| Was $29.95,  now $19.47 at Chewy

Cube Real Time GPS Dog & Cat Tracker| Was $29.95,  now $19.47 at Chewy
Monitor your pet and set up geofences so you're notified when your pooch is entering places they shouldn't be. The device's rechargeable battery can last up to 60 days between charges. Save 35% when you buy one before Cyber Monday ends.

This is something you probably didn't even think about buying before getting your dog but after seeing how quickly you can lose sight of them, this is a no-brainer on your pet wish list. Thanks to the Cyber Monday deals happening today, you don't have to spend a fortune on one either.

All our top picks of the Cyber Monday pet deals on right now are still live if you're looking for more deals as are these pet Christmas gifts on sale this Cyber Monday.

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