Meet Pluto, the Colorado adventure cat who can’t get enough of the great outdoors

Pluto the adventure cat in the water
(Image credit: @thatcatpluto/Facebook)

Spend any time at Red Rock Canyon Open Space and it won’t be long before you stumble upon Pluto, the Colorado-based adventure cat who’s proving that dogs shouldn’t be the only ones who get to have all the outdoor fun.

Satya Wimbish never planned on getting a cat, but her sister asked her to look after Pluto for a few hours until they could get him to a shelter and help him find a more suitable home.

“He was supposed to go to a shelter because he was a wild child," Wimbish said. "When I took him home, it was super late at night, and so we didn't end up going to the shelter.”

By the time the next morning rolled around, little Pluto was proving such a hit with Wimbish’s children that they decided to keep him and it wasn’t long before they discovered he had a thing for adventure.

“I started taking him outside because he was just wanting to get out the house,” Wimbish said. Before long Pluto was joining her and daughters Eva and Flourish on hiking adventures and trips to the beach.

“It's our family time together," Wimbish said. "It's something that we all love. We all love being outdoors."

Not only is Pluto helping this family make some great memories together, he’s also a way for the family to connect with people they might not otherwise have got chatting to.

“They're like, 'Oh the kids,’ and then Pluto will poke his head out of the wagon if it's not really out, they’re like, ‘Is that a cat? Is that a cat? That’s not a cat.’ So, there's a lot of disbelief that there is really a cat,” Wimbish said.

Wimbish says that like most families living through the pandemic, they’ve been through a lot mentally and emotionally this past year and Pluto is helping them to get out there and live life to the fullest.

The family have a bucket list of adventures they’re keen to tackle, including more hiking and white water rafting and if Pluto and the girls have anything to do with it, they’ll be hitting the road sooner rather than later. 

“They stand together at the door like they were trapped and they never been out," Wimbish said with a laugh. "It's nerve racking sometimes because two toddlers and a cat, but usually when I get home I'm like, I'm glad we did that just knowing how happy they were." 

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