Owner sings ‘you are my sunshine’ to cat and this is the reaction…

Owner singing 'you are my sunshine' to cat
(Image credit: Instagram/@dontstopmeowing)

Cats are lovable pets at the best of times, always pining for our affection. And this cute, viral clip of a kitty reacting to their owner as she sings ‘you are my sunshine’ proves exactly that! 

Posted on the Instagram page shared by two cats named Kareem and Fifi, the heartfelt video shows a lady singing the words to, ‘you are my sunshine’, to her cat Chase who is cradled in her arms. As she sings, Chase appears to gently stroke her face with his paw, showing affectionate towards his owner. The famous song by Johnny Cash, seems an appropriate choice to describe the amazing bond between owner and kitty.  

The clip captioned, ‘he’s too cute’, certainly touched the hearts of many viewers. Within just five hours after being shared, the clip received 38,000 likes, with many reacting by sharing heart emoticons. Netizens commented on how cute the kitty was, while others shared their own stories of singing to their furkids. One Instagram user posted, “I sing that song to my cats as well,” while another commented, “Chase loves it, he's not saying nooooooo loll.”

If that clip won’t touch your heart, we don’t know what will! 

See the cute video here: 

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