Patrick the fortune-teller cat is taking the Internet by storm

fortune-teller cat
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Whether you want to know what the weather will be tomorrow or what the world will look like next year, Patrick the fortune-teller cat is on hand to reveal all.

The social media sensation has racked up an impressive 3 million likes and 131,000 followers over on TikTok with his love of tarot cards. 

The mystic moggy uses the cards to answer his followers' questions which are submitted via the comments section. 

His helping hand, aka Patrick's owner, chooses their favorite question and presents Patrick with three purple tarot cards.

Patrick fortune-teller cat

Patrick the fortune-teller cat loves playing with cards (Image credit: @Pizzabyalfredo / TikTok)

The card-loving feline then indicates which answer to give by pawing, nuzzling and nibbling on the answer card he wants the follower to be presented with.

Questions have ranged from "Should I cut my hair?" to more complex life and relationship issues.

In fact, Patrick's most popular video at 2.1 million views sees the clever kitty tackle unemployment.

In response to the question, "Can you ask Patrick if I'll get a job soon? I'm having a really tough after losing mine", Patrick pulls out a Wheel of Fortune card. 

However, it looks like his owner needs a crash course in cat communication as her interpretation leaves a lot to be desired, giving a comical edge to the videos.


Reply to @plsnogarbage good luck with your job on Wheel of Fortune

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Rather than giving the job seeker an open-ended answer around the themes of fortune and success, the pet owner simply states "I think you're going to go on  [television series] the Wheel of Fortune." 

Indeed, a follower shares their thoughts on exactly what makes this social media channel so entertaining: "It's just so chaotic. A cat who can predict the future and a woman who can't read tarot cards."

If you'd like Patrick to (accurately) predict your future and his owner to interpret the answer incredibly badly, then be sure to follow the dynamic duo on their TikTok account at @pizzabyalfredo.

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