Pouncey the cat cruises in his very own heated bike basket and the Internet can't get enough

Pouncey the cat on his bike
(Image credit: Instagram / professor_pouncey)

Pouncey the cat loves to get out and about – but he’s far too precious to use his own paws! Pouncey’s human Adam has custom-built an electrically-heated basket for his ebike so he and his pet can share outdoor adventures together.

Most cat owners face a tough decision with their pets – should they be indoor or outdoor cats, safe but potentially at risk of boredom in the home or living busy but dangerous lives outside? 

Adam and Pouncey have found their own compromise. The beautiful Bengal now travels in style in a specially-designed heated basket on the front of Adam’s ebike. The pair can be seen on social media channels having adventures in the forests and on the trails around their home in the US.

Pouncey – known as ‘Professor Pouncey’ on social media – is clearly an adventurous soul. Adam’s Instagram feed shows the feisty feline interacting with snakes, dogs and other cats with an insouciant wave of his tail. 

Adam and Pouncey have been sharing bike adventures for years, but during the winter Adam designed a heated basket to protect his pet from the cold.

“Pouncey’s heated basket design 2.0, I cleaned up the wiring, I went to a low-voltage system so if he claws out he’s not going to get shocked,” explained Adam. “We have a thermostat with adjustable temperature. The basket is now lined with thermal insulation so it is nice and cozy in there.”

The whole thing is topped with an old flannel shirt which is apparently one of Pouncey’s favorites, although Adam admits he probably needs to come up with something better! 

In the summer, the pair switch to a ventilated model – a wire basket with a fleece cushion. Adam is constantly making improvements to the arrangement, although a recent addition of cat handlebars turned out to be too much of a good thing as Pouncey promptly decided to balance on them.

Pouncey’s millions of followers on TikTok can’t get enough of his adventures, with the videos attracting up to 14 million views. Although some viewers are concerned about the safety of the proceedings, Adam has pointed out that he lives in a very rural area and Pouncey is beautifully trained and has a great recall!

Bengals are curious and alert by nature, and Pouncey is clearly typical of the breed – while he may not be a real professor, he’s clearly one very clever kitty.

Sara Walker

Sara is a freelance journalist and copywriter of many years’ experience with a lifelong love of animals. She’s written for a range of magazines and websites on subjects varying from pet care to travel. A horse rider since the age of five, she’s currently a full time pet slave to horse Blue and gorgeous, goofy English Springer Spaniel Olly. Adorable Olly has a huge sense of adventure and no sense of direction, keeping Sara on her toes.