Proud Golden Retriever dad meets his son for the first time in adorable clip

Golden Retriever dad Tucker with his pet parents
(Image credit: tuckerbudzyn/Instagram)

This Golden Retriever dad couldn’t be more excited to meet his son for the first time and we have to admit we had tears in our eyes watching him excitedly bound over to greet his little boy. 

In a TikTok clip posted on August the 17th, proud papa Tucker can be seen waiting inside the house, itching with anticipation as he eagerly watches for the door to open. The minute his mom, Courtney Budzyn, walks in with a basket containing Tucker’s young son Todd, he excitedly races to meet them, desperately trying to shower the little puppy with kisses.

Smiling and laughing, Budzyn gently tells Tucker to be careful before lowering the basket containing Todd onto the floor where the smitten dad is  quick to start sniffing and nuzzling his boy. In one of the sweetest moments, Budzyn can be heard saying to Tucker “this is your baby” as she holds Todd while Tucker licks him.


Welcome home my son 💛

♬ Goodnight Sweet Possums - From "Ice Age The Meltdown" - John Powell

Before long the father and son duo can be seen frolicking together on the living room floor and the last glimpse we get is of the adorable Todd chasing after Tucker. We’re not at all surprised that the video has earned over 3.3 million likes and 22 million views with users sending tons of love in Tucker and Todd’s direction.

GioDjKing1090 says “OMG! They look so cute when they’re having a father and son day.” Skaya added “This is too much for my heart. Welcome home Todd.” And Fredi Pars took the words right out of our mouth with his comment “I sad ‘awwwww’ about a bazillion times.”

And do you want to know the best part about this video featuring Tucker and Todd? There’s plenty more where that came from! You can follow the adventures of father and son on TikTok at tuckerbudzyn where the pair have already racked up a cool 8.8 million followers.

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