Vida the dog has Internet in stitches with her hilarious hiding places

Vida the dog
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She’s been making millions of people around the world laugh and now it’s your turn to experience the joy that is Vida the dog. Small, white, and fluffy, this cute canine loves nothing more than clowning around by popping up in all sorts of crazy places.

Since bursting onto the TikTok scene just over a month ago, little Vida has already gone viral on several occasions with her account vidathedawg quickly racking up a cool 3.2 million likes. 

Each clip shows Vida’s owner finding her in a variety of hilarious places including peering out from a bookshelf, sitting on top of a basketball hoop and hiding inside a drawer. 

One video which shows Vida sprawled out on her back on a bench press in her owners gym and games room has been watched over 5 million times with one user named Jayden saying “Why you recording? He’s waiting for you to spot him.”


What da dog doin?

♬ original sound - Random_memes

Elena kept the jokes going, adding “arm days are always ruff.”

In perhaps the funniest clip of all, Vida’s owner goes to get in his car only to find her peering down at him through the sunroof. And her latest video? Well, Vida’s trying out skateboarding of course!


Skateboard dog ##repost##dogs##vidathedog##fypシ

♬ original sound - Random_memes

An account named @XEasyy was quick to label Vida as the next Tony Hawk with another user asking “does she do private lessons?”

There are only a handful of Vida clips so far, but with the cult following she’s rapidly accruing we have a feeling the Internet will be seeing a lot more of little Vida in the months to come! 

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