'Biggest feline in NYC' Samson the cat dies aged 10

samson the cat
(Image credit: Facebook / catstradamus)

Samson the cat has died at the age of 10. Lovingly known as “catstradamus”, this fluffy Maine Coon weighed in at an incredible 28lbs, and reached the lengths of four feet.

From the time his loving pet parent, Jonathan Zurber, set up an Instagram account, Samson was destined for stardom. The gigantic feline racked up an impressive 250,000 followers across all social media platforms, known as the biggest cat in New York. 

And despite his enormous size, Samson’s sweet nature,slightest meow, and adorable, kitty face were loved by many fans. However, at the age of 10, Samson’s big body felt the pressure from his size and his age.

Dad, Jonathan, had explained on Instagram that Samson suffered from hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis which made it very difficult for him to walk.

Despite living a full life, Samson sadly passed away following an ‘unexpected’ trip to the vet, leaving his family, and kitten brother Dante to mourn their furkid.

News of Samson’s passing came after Jonathan shared touching tributes online, “There’s a giant hole in our hearts, no one will ever fill your ‘killing mitts’ those giant white paws, that sweet kind face and your personality that was as beautiful as you looked,” Jonathan shared. “Such an honor to serve you and share our link and photos.”

In the meantime, Jonathan takes comfort in sharing memories and pictures of their precious times together. There are pictures of Samson lying on top of his owner’s stomach, or ones of the kitty napping in his special basket with big, furry paws in the air. Fans are invited to pay tribute to Samson the cat on Instagram and Facebook.

Cynthia Lawrence

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