Watch: Shelter discovers abandoned dog already has a home and reunites him with his family

Shelter discovers abandoned dog already has a home
(Image credit: TikTok / Louisiana SPCA)

For this dog named Cow (presumably because of his very bovine-like black and white hue), it originally appeared to be a case of same old story, as he was found abandoned outside Louisiana SPCA in January this year.

Found tied to a fence, Cow was unsurprisingly terrified, low-growling whenever meeting new people, and only being placated by baby talk and treats.

Sadly, the number of dogs being abandoned for shelters remains high, and Cow appeared to be yet another victim of abuse at the hands of humans.

However, having been at the shelter for two months, and yet to find a new family, something amazing happened: he found his old family.

As it turns out, Cow hadn’t been abandoned; he had been stolen from his family, and presumably left outside the shelter by his captors. 

During this time, Cow had become a popular fixture about the shelter due to his winning personality. However, upon reuniting with his family, his affectionate behavior took on whole new dimensions, as you will see from this video. 


Reunited and it feels so good! After being separated from his family for months, Cow finally gets to go home!

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Leaping around, jumping into his owner’s arms and cuddling them, it’s clear that his happiness knows no bounds.

“Cow was so excited to see his family,” said Lewis, who works at the shelter. “He was jumping off the walls and his tail was wagging like we’d never seen it before! You could tell from his reaction when he saw his mom that he was reunited with his family!”

After all these months away, Cow was able to go back home to his family. There aren’t always happy endings when it comes to missing dogs, or dogs being taken to shelters, so it’s nice to see an instance where there has been a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully there will be many more positive outcomes to come.

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