TikTokers are making dog fan dens to cool their pups down

pooch lying in a dog fan den
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In what is perhaps set to become the coolest craze of 2021, pet parents are making dog fan dens to help bring some relief to their precious pups as temperatures continue to sizzle this summer.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, TikTok is the place to go with users showing off their innovative creations. In one adorable video posted by @mayapolarbear, this sweet little Samoyed influencer is shown resting inside a duvet cover with a fan sending enough air in to keep it gently billowing.

Having received over 1.6 million likes since it was posted six days ago, it’s clearly struck a chord with owners looking for ways to help their dogs beat the heat. User @asylumsmissinginmate wrote “I’m going to die from cuteness”, with Shannon Bettes adding “Are you kidding me?? This is so sweet!”


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Next to show off their cool dog fan den was @digitdax who shot a video of their two Dachshunds cuddled up side by side in their cute cubby. It’s sparked envy from some, with Mandy Michelle saying “Why didn’t I think of this when my AC went out?”


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While doggy fan dens may prove popular this summer, they may not be as effective as we humans think they are. Dr. Jerry Klein, chief veterinary officer of the American Kennel Club, says it’s important to remember that dogs eliminate heat differently than we do, using panting not sweating.

“You’ll see dogs sometimes standing in front of a fan because they like the feel of it,” Klein said, “but it’s not necessarily going to cool them in the same way it would a person.” 

But it won’t do any harm, right? Well, according to Klein, it depends on the temperature. “When it’s dangerously hot, like in the upper 90s or the 100s, all a fan is going to do is blow hot air around. That’s not enough to create a safe environment for a dog.”

The good news is, that if the temperature is in the 70s or 80s, a dog fan den can be a great way of providing your pooch with some cooling comfort. To kick it up a notch, try spritzing them with cold water or wrapping them in a damp towel before positioning them near a fan. Looking for even more inspiration? Be sure to nip over to our vet's guide on how to cool down a dog. 

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