TikToker trains his cat to perform tricks - including speaking and playing dead

TikToker trains his cat to perform tricks
(Image credit: TikTok / @holly.gittins)

Who says cats aren't as smart as dogs? Watch and be amazed as this clever TikToker trains his cat to perform tricks, including many your average dog can have trouble with.

User @holly.gittins posted the impressive footage to the social media platform showing her brother using treats to coerce Misty the clever cat into showing off her wide array of skills for the camera.

This includes simple commands such as "sit" and "up", as well as a few trickier commands such as spinning around in a circle, speaking and even 'playing dead' by lounging on her side. She even makes the most adorable sounds while doing so, showing off her enthusiasm to please her trainer. 

The footage ends with her delighted owner showing just how proud he is of her.


100k likes and I’ll get him to train her to do a backflip ##catsoftiktok ##fyp ##foryoupage ##cat ##tricks ##catlover ##firstvideo ##lockdownlife

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"My brother said he'd trained the cat to do tricks and I didn't believe him," Holly wrote as a caption on the video.

The TikTok user also commented that if the video received 100 likes "I'll get him to train her to do a backflip".

Of course, the social media platform rose to the challenge, generating over 153 thousand likes in 16 hours and eagerly awaiting the next instalment of adorable cat tricks.

"Cats are so smart," wrote user @thecatnurse. "People don't give them enough credit."

"This shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Cats are just as capable of learning tricks as dogs are. It's just lazy owners that is the cause of the difference," suggested @royalpantiez.ink

One thing all the comments agreed on was how wonderfully dignified Misty's tricks were.

"I just love how it's so chill. Like dogs are full blown into tricks, and this cat is just posh and proper tricks only, sir," wrote @tazih3ro

If you'd like to find out what tricks Misty does next, you can follow her over on TikTok user Holly Gittins' channel and hope the fabulous feline is back with even more tricks up her sleeve (or should we say paws?) 

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