Meet Tosca the cat, the sharpest-looking, shop cat that broke the internet

Tosca the cat wearing a bow tie and looking dapper
(Image credit: @AHappierDay)

If you ever wanted to see one of the most stylish shop cats around, look no further than Tosca the cat. In fact, you’d probably have to get in line, as she’s pretty famous.

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This 8-year-old, adorable kitty is the resident shop cat at Nabila’s Naturals run by couple Ramiz Yousef and wife Elena Rios, based in San Francisco. Their famous kitty has become a star in her own right, all thanks to an image posted on Twitter by Elena, showing Tosca perched on a stool wearing a cute bow tie and looking rather dapper. 

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Since the charming image was shared, it garnered over an incredible 120,000 likes within two days. “Oh my God, she’s becoming a celebrity, this one”, says Ramiz. Interestingly, out of the many shop cats in the area, Tosca has become popular with the locals, with many simply dropping by just to take a picture with the ‘fancy-looking’ cat. “She’s a very sociable girl,” agrees Elena, “she loves greeting the customers and being around people. And sometimes hang out behind the counter and looking at the action.”

Tosca was first adopted by the couple in 2016, and it was her charm and feisty character that inspired her name (after the operatic Puccini libretto). Well, with her trendy bow tie collection, that changes to suit her mood, there is no doubt that Tosca is a real showstopper.

Cynthia Lawrence

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