Two-legged Doberman Pinscher goes viral with his lust for life

King the two-legged Doberman
(Image credit: TikTok / @lifeontwopaws)

How much happiness can one dog fit into a 14 second clip? It seems as if you're King the two-legged Doberman Pinscher the answer is quite a lot! 

This plucky pooch may seem impaired but it doesn't seem to stop him from living his best life over on his very own TikTok channel @lifeontwopaws.

In a recent video viewed 1.6 million times, King can be seen running through the streets on his two legs and attempting to catch a breeze whilst hanging out of the car in a cute pair of protective goggles. 

The clip - which had more than 200,000 likes at the time this story was written - was lovingly captioned with “The happiest boy”... and they were not wrong!

King may have had a rough time in life, but his determination and drive has made him one of the Internet's most inspiring pet stars.


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Having lived with his owners since 2013, it wasn’t until seven years later that King became unwell and started to limp when moving around. This sadly resulted in the bounding pup being diagnosed with bone cancer.

It was this very diagnosis that led to the amputation of one of his legs - a precautionary measure taken to prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of his body.

However, King began to limp once more and in November 2021, just 15 months later, this happy-go-lucky pooch had to have another leg amputated. 

Despite this, it’s clear that being a double amputee doesn’t get King down. In fact, his lust for life has inspired netizens all over the globe.  

"Dude doesn't even know he's missing something. Living his best life. I'll stop complaining now and get on with it," one TikTok user commented, to which his owners responded: "That's how we feel too! Put a whole lot into perspective for us.” 

But that’s not where his story ends. As well as this viral video, there are even more TikTok clips to enjoy on King’s profile. 

This includes watching the enthusiastic canine playing with one of his favorite toys, taking a stroll in his doggy pram, and frolicking at the beach. What a star!

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