Picture of Ukrainian man protecting his cat in shelter goes viral

Ukrainian pets arriving in Poland
(Image credit: Getty)

The Russian and Ukraine conflict has rocked the world, touching the hearts of many. In the midst of Ukrainians seeking shelter and comfort, this picture shows that even pets need protection in a crisis. 

The poignant image, shared on Reddit by user CombAgreeable, shows a group of Ukrainians taking shelter in a Metro station, while a man is stood with his eyes closed, affectionately cuddling his cat. The caption alongside says, ‘Wow, this one got me, Ukrainian's taking shelter in a Metro station, and a man protecting his cat :(.’ The user also stated that the original photograph was taken by Marcus Yam, a photojournalist with the Los Angeles Times

After just one day of posting, the image quickly went viral, garnering over 76k views, and 903 comments so far. Interestingly, the picture generated much discussion about how to carry felines pals in the case of an emergency evacuation. One netizen posted, ‘Honestly been thinking about this. I want to prepare an emergency bag for my cat’, while another user stated, ‘I have four cats. I should purchase a wagon or other form of wheeled cat vehicle. I do have a carrier for each of them in case of disaster.’ Another netizen stated, ‘This is making me reflect too. I'm not even close to this type of conflict, but I have three cats and only one carrier (I take them to their check ups in turns). Time to buy more and prepare for something that would likely never happen!’

More netizens suggested the use of backpack carriers and cat harnesses as a good means of transportation in an emergency, while the majority of comments simply expressed their heartbreak for those affected by the war. Let’s all hope there will soon be peace for the citizens and pets of Ukraine.

Cynthia Lawrence

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