Vets warn about the hazards of bones after dog experiences life-threatening obstruction

Boxer dog with bone
(Image credit: Getty Images)

You could be forgiven for being surprised at the above headline. After all, dogs love bones – in pretty much every media depiction of them they just can’t get enough of the things.

However, just because they like something, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for them. Sadly, it has taken this case to show that.

Having been given a donut-shaped bone by her owner, Ben Prince, black Labrador Jess found herself in considerable distress after it became stuck to her.

Subsequent attempts to remove it only heightened her anxiety, necessitating a journey to Priory Vets in Wales, where thankfully it was safely removed.

Speaking to the Daily Record, owner Ben said, “Jess really loves chewing things and although balls are her favorite, she does get stuck into bones. 

“She was playing with it in the kitchen when I put her to bed, and I didn’t think twice about leaving her with it.

“I don’t know how she got it on, and I thought I might just be able to slip it back off. But every time I tried, she was in quite a bit of distress. I called my dad, who looks after her when I’m at work, and we realised we just couldn’t budge it and needed help.”

While Jess was put under general anaesthetic, initial fears that it would have to be drilled off thankfully did not come to pass, as it was able to safely maneuvered off at the vets.

While this story has a happy ending, it does hammer home the importance of making sure dogs aren’t given food and other products that are potentially unsafe. Always research things before buying them, even stuff as seemingly as innocuous as bones.

“We strongly advise against feeding bones to your pets” said Cheryl Driskell, senior vet at Priory Vets, “as they can cause life-threatening obstructions if ingested and small pieces can be found stuck in the mouth.”

Steve Wright

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